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Joshua and Shereen's Cool-Toned Wedding with Bridesmaids in Palazzo Pants


We love the clean lines of stylish bride Shereen’s wedding dress, in these photos by Nicolethen Studio. Bonus points for outfitting her bridesmaids in terrific tops and trousers in colours that complemented her cool-toned nuptials.



























Here's a peek at their surprise proposal at Henderson Waves Bridge...




Watch this short film of the couple's wedding day captured by Nicolethen Studio

And here’s a peek at their honeymoon shoot in Perth, Australia captured by James Simmons





How did you meet?
“We knew each other way back in school when we were 13, before I transferred out the following year. We were reunited when we went to the same tertiary institute and have been together ever since! So yes, we've been together for a long long time, we literally grew up together, supported each other through different phases of life and finally decided to get married on our 10th year!” ~ Shereen

How did he propose?
“I'm not one who likes surprises so he tried to keep it to a minimum.

I woke up to a breakfast prepared by him, hand-delivered by a dear friend of mine, together with a letter that kinda briefly indicated how the day was going to be. This was good because being appropriately dressed for the occasion was very very important to me. I finished up the breakfast, prepped and waited for another dear friend of mine who was going to come pick me up. My entire family had woken up extra early, and sneaked out of the house while I was still asleep. When we got to the Henderson Waves bridge, I had to walk up a path where he planted 10 cards, one for each year spent together. When I finally reached the top of the bridge, he got down on one knee and proposed. And I was greeted by our families, close friends and colleagues, some of whom flew back from overseas just to be with us! It was such a precious moment, just being with everyone we loved! What was even more memorable were the tan lines everyone got from that scorching morning, some of which still exist and we still talk about it every now and then for a good laugh!” ~ Shereen

What was your theme and colour palette?
“I wanted cool colours, so I went with a wintery feel and had silver, grey and white for the palette.” ~ Shereen

How did you decorate your venue?
“Everything was DIY-ed by some of my close friends who kindly lent us their hands and, for some, their feet, to run errands! We kept it really simple with silver twigs and a white carpet down the aisle, as well as fairy lights on stage.” ~ Shereen

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for, and why?
“We didn't have any wedding favours because we felt that they were pretty redundant, or unmemorable to say the least. We decided that it was probably a better treat for the guests if we put the budget for the favours towards a better menu.” ~ Shereen

Do you have any tips and wedding advice for other brides and grooms-to-be?
“We knew exactly what we didn't want for our wedding. Being at prior weddings, we questioned the necessity of certain things because they didn't seem particularly important or significant to us. Personally we aren't extravagant or flamboyant people and we wanted our wedding to reflect us, so we went with something straightforward and ensured there was a significance to everything that we did. And that incidentally helped us save on certain costs! Most importantly, don't let the pressure of comparisons dictate how you plan your wedding.” ~ Shereen

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
“Daily appreciation and ‘deposits’ go a long way! I believe everyone has a love tank, and it's a conscious effort to ‘deposit’ something in every day, whether its a quick hug, quality time or a little gesture, it goes a long long way!” ~ Shereen



Congratulations on your marriage, Joshua and Shereen! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



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Vendor Information
Number of Guests: 550
Venue: Victory Family Centre
Photography: Nicolethen Studio
Wedding Dress: Kim (seamstress)
Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden
Bridesmaid Dresses: Love, Bonito
Groom’s Outfits: H&M
Groom’s Shoes: Santoni
Groomsmen’s Outfits: ZARA
Jewellery: ZARA
Hair and Makeup: Jing, Loveblush
Décor: DIY
Flowers: Marche Aux Fleur
Catering: CJS Catering
Videography: Nicolethen Studio