Justin and Melody’s Pre-Wedding Shoot Amidst Bright Orchid Blooms

Having known each other for most of their lives, Justin and Melody embarked on the adventure of a lifetime when the former asked for his beloved’s hand in marriage on a dusty desertscape in Scarabeo Camp, a luxe glamping retreat just outside of Marrakech, Morocco.

The couple’s pre-wedding photos, captured by Malaysian-based photographer Funkydali, were then shot on-location at Justin’s father’s private orchid farm in Malaysia. Posing amidst vibrant purple and yellow Phalaenopsis orchids, the bride looked the picture of perfection in a lace-covered wedding gown.

How did you know he/she was The One?
I don't think there was a defining moment when I realised he was the one, but four years in and we were still together - I couldn't comprehend how this person could still love me despite having seen every side of me and my flaws, so I kind of figured he must be the one.” ~ Melody

After living and travelling together for a year. Both also like to dig nose.” ~ Justin

You're gross.” ~ Melody

What was the proposal like?
It happened on the first night out of three that we would spend at a luxury desert camp called Scarabeo Camp, located a 45-minute drive outside of Marrakech city. It was also the final leg of our 11-day Moroccan adventure. 

Justin organised a private dinner for the both of us underneath a Berber tent and after dinner, we moved from the dining table to the lounge area just a few feet away where he first launched into a long speech (I started crying and for the life of me can't remember anything he said), then got down on one knee and proposed to me. I said “yes” before I even saw the ring. We were both sobbing by then, and by the time we calmed down, a waiter magically appeared from around the corner right on cue to serve us our dessert (the poor guy was probably waiting for a while now but didn't want to interrupt the emotional moment).” ~ Melody

What do you love most about your partner?
His ability to cook!” ~ Melody

Her laugh (which goes like this: HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA).” ~ Justin


Congratulations on your engagement Justin and Melody, and we wish you a lifetime of love!



Vendor Information
Venues: Scarabeo Camp, Morocco and a private orchid farm by Orchid Culture, Malaysia
Photography: Funkydali
Flowers: Orchid Culture