Magical Disney Wedding Where the Bride Arrived in a Horse-Drawn Cinderella Carriage

This wedding is the stuff of Disney Princess dreams! Ken and Jessica have a soft spot for Disneyland theme parks, where they celebrated many special occasions. How fitting that they tied the knot in one too! Jessica rode up to her ceremony venue, The Rose Court Garden at Disneyland Resort, in Cinderella’s Coach complete with footmen, and animated Disney scenes and messages were projected onto the couple’s wedding cake. Mickey and Minnie Mouse even made an appearance during their reception and there to capture every moment of their happily ever after in photos and video was Axioo.

Watch this short film of the couple's celebration captured by Axioo…

A word from bride Jessica…
“One of my favourite moments has got to be when I saw the horse and Cinderella carriage for the first time. It all looked so majestic, I couldn't believe it was real. Then I was ushered in to ride the carriage...it was just an amazing feeling. When I got into the carriage, I kept silent for such a long time and was expressionless, just trying to absorb every moment...the photographers thought I was stressed and tried to assure me that everything would be ok! *laughs*

My mom was with me inside the carriage before we made our way to the garden. I think she was so much more nervous than I was because she talked non-stop *laughs*! My mom is a single mother who raised me up herself and I thank God so much that she was able to sit with me inside that carriage and walk me down the aisle as she had escaped death twice from hospitalisation. I think no one else deserved the honour to walk me down the aisle besides my mom. It was sort of like our last mother-daughter bonding moment before I was married off.

One of my other favourite moments was when it was finally just the two of us (Ken and I) in the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion before the luncheon (this was after our solemnisation) – we were just by ourselves and decided to rehearse our slow dance...it was kind of a breather and an intimate moment. We connected and laughed while sharing stories of our nerve-wracking morning. 

Also, the food was another favourite moment. I was kind of happy that I was able to eat during the luncheon unlike our Singapore wedding. I ate all of the food that we had planned for and it was satisfyingly delicious. Ken knew how important food was to me as I warned him to let me eat during the wedding – he happily ate his share too until Mickey came...and everybody went nuts. 

Overall, I think it was a very fun and cheerful wedding. Even during the solemnisation, the reverend made us play rock-paper-scissors to decide who would say their vows first. Ken's friend also had his team from ‘America's Best Dance Crew’ choreograph a special dance for us, and they incorporated Disney tunes into it too – it was a fantastic dance. Our DJ was amazingly good with breaking the ice as well; he had everybody come to the dance floor and follow his funny moves. We danced a lot in the end and laughed so much.

Our cake was a projection-mapping cake and we were the first couple to have it! I loved our animation cake very much. The flavours that we chose were unique as well; we had three different flavours for the different tiers. Our flavour invention for each tier was something like red velvet cake with bananas and cookies and cream fudge for the filling – sounds weird but it was delicious! It was fun and memorable to plan our wedding with Disney as we were given a lot of choices and freedom for creativity. Everybody – and I really mean, every single one of Disney’s staff was smiling throughout the entire wedding. It felt reassuring to see so many smiles on our wedding day.”


Congratulations on your marriage, Ken and Jessica! We can’t wait to share your other fairytale wedding in Singapore on TWS soon!


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Vendor Information
Venue: Disneyland Resort, California, USA
Photography: Ivan Mario and Yansen Setiawan, Axioo
Concept, Decor and Cake: Wedding planning team at Disneyland Resort, California
Videography: Dimar Brataadiredja and Robby Susanto, Axioo