Making Mooncakes: Seik Yeu and Serene’s Home Engagement Shoot

Some of the best engagement shoots we’ve featured on the blog feature couples at home, and today’s shoot is no exception. Seik Yeu and Serene took their mutual love for making food and turned it into a delectable, minimalist-inspired pre-wedding captured by Bitesize Visuals. We can’t help but want to dig into those pretty pastel mooncakes!

How did you meet?
“I had my eye on Serene in church long before we actually spoke! Having a tendency to stammer, I took some time to muster up the courage to talk to her. However, I learned from a cheesy, romantic movie that a gentleman does not vex a lady, but let his intentions be known. So, one day while we were out, I gave her a single rose (a flower she doesn't even like), hoping she would consider being my one and only. She rejected me the next day, but from that day forward she was much more open to me. We became friends and talked a lot more, and I waited in the wings for about a year or so before she agreed to date me.” ~ Seik Yeu 

What was your first impression of each other and how did your relationship grow from there?
“I didn’t think too much of Seik Yeu when I first met him! It wasn’t love at first sight, and I rejected his kind offers of courtship quite a few times! As time passed and I got to know him better as a friend, I soon realised that he is the most reliable, patient, kind, and loving person I’ve ever met. It’s accurate to say that I’ll be marrying my best friend.” ~ Serene  

“My first impression of Serene was that she was smart, cheerful, mature beyond her age, and incredibly beautiful. I cherished getting to know her better and the way we continue to encourage each other through our life’s ups and downs.” ~ Seik Yeu 

How did he propose?
“He proposed on the first day of winter in May 2017 at Monterey Beach, Sydney. We had just flown in the night before, and I was to head to Canberra later that morning. I wasn’t dressed warmly enough that day, so all I could think of was how frosty it was! With our hands tucked into our pockets, we took a long stroll on the beach. We were giggling and chatting about our lives when all of a sudden, Seik Yeu got down one knee and held out a red velvet box with his mom’s heirloom ring inside it. I said yes, with two seagulls as our witnesses.” ~ Serene 

What was the inspiration behind the shoot?
“Seik Yeu and I are home bodies. We wanted to document a regular, relaxed day at home and just be our authentic selves. Some of our best dates involved making food at home for our loved ones and the conversations that followed. For our pre-wedding shoot, we wanted to capture the simple, day-to-day pleasures of the things we enjoy as a couple: making food and spending time together. We chose snow skin mooncakes and pu-erh tea to honour our Asian heritage (and also because we love them!), and paired them with my love for modern minimalist aesthetics.” ~ Serene 

What was the most memorable part of the shoot?
“It would have to be the shoot itself. Seik Yeu and I live in different cities, so it’s rare that we get to spend undivided time together on a weekday. From dripping matcha powder onto the mooncake dough together to chopping our wedding invites by hand and calming each other’s nerves during the shoot — it all felt like we were on a real date!”  ~ Serene 

Do you have any tips or advice for couples planning pre-wedding shoots?
“If you’re awkward like us and have little experience being in front of the camera, plan activities or think of concepts that allow you to be you! It’s the most liberating feeling ever, and the pictures will turn out great.” ~ Serene


Thank you for sharing these lovely images with us, Seik Yeu and Serene!



Vendor Information
Photography: Bitesize Visuals
Hair and Makeup: SuyenPang Artistry
Flowers: Hanabi Flowers