Malaysia's Most Popular Wedding Bouquets

Ever wonder what the most-requested bridal bouquets in Malaysia are? We spoke with Faradiba Anuar, schoolteacher by weekday and florist of Kuala Lumpur-based florahera by weekend, and she shared some of the most sought-after wedding flower bouquet styles.

Calla lily bouquets

Faradiba: In Greek, Calla means ‘beautiful’ and with its own simplicity, it also represents faithfulness, purity and holiness of a marriage. Calla lilies can be gathered in a bunch as bridal bouquet without other flowers, but also make a nice supporting character in a mixed arrangement.

Calla lilies can be challenging to work with, especially if they are meant to be put in a mixed flower arrangement. The stems are soft so handling them needs extra care and attention. Also, one needs to be smart in determining the placement of the calla lilies in a bouquet. The pointed tip of this gorgeous flower needs to be pulled higher in an arrangement so that the spadix won’t be pushed inside and end up unseen from other angles of the bouquet.

Peony bouquets

Faradiba: Peonies have always been associated with wealth and prosperity. The luscious petals themselves embody the richness of the flower, and it symbolises good fortune and a blissful marriage. Asian brides who opt for peonies should also be aware that peonies are very seasonal, and suppliers aren’t able to provide them during off-seasons.

I love having peonies in my arrangements despite their unpredictable availability here. They are easy to incorporate with other flowers and are an absolute stunner every time. Dealing with peonies needs skill and knowledge, as one has to know how to avoid getting the wrong supply of peonies (too old/already blooming at the maximum size) as well as to know the right temperature to help them bloom (for peony buds) and avoid them wilting.

Phalaenopsis or moth orchid bouquets

Faradiba: This variety of orchids was taken as the image of luxury by the Victorians once upon a time, when they collected and displayed the orchids to exhibit their refined taste. These days, orchids are still believed to symbolise high status, and are strong symbols of fertility and growth.

Phalaenopsis are fragile but fun to work with. I enjoy getting requests for this variety because they look very much like butterflies. This will add a delicate look to a bouquet. A lot of clients have been requesting for “phalaenopsis orchid-only” bouquets since mid-2016, realising the potential of the flower to complete a bride’s look simply by being held in a cascading arrangement.

Succulent plant bouquets

Faradiba: Many do not know that succulents, too, have their own meaning and can be a part of wedding bouquets. They are associated with enduring love, as they can last a long time without water. They are also beautiful and have strong characteristics, which makes them a definite statement in a bouquet.

If I were given the chance to arrange my own bouquet, I’d certainly have succulents in it. The symbolism and meaning behind them is so strong and empowering for a long-lasting relationship. Brides nowadays are also more aware of what wedding stationery/accessory options can be recycled/reused after their event ends, and I believe that succulents are a great option as they can be planted after the bouquet is used for the wedding ceremony. Now, talk about sustainability!

Thank you for sharing these popular bridal bouquets with us, Faradiba. The colours and combinations are swoon-worthy!

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