Matthias and Tessa's Rustic Wedding at Padma Hotel Bandung

This rustic and relaxed affair, captured by Fire Wood and Earth and planned by Bozza Event Organiser, perfectly combined the green surroundings of Padma Hotel Bandung with wood crates, barrels, lush leaves, and garlands.


Watch this short film of the couple's wedding day captured by Rangga Kioe Film!

How did you meet?
We studied hospitality management together in Glion, Switzerland, and worked in a group project together with two other students.” ~ Tessa

How did he propose?
During a family vacation with my family in Bali, he took me out for lunch and a stroll along Seminyak Beach after. During the stroll, he purposely picked a fight with me and tried to get me to think that he was breaking up with me. Then he said his final sentence, “I guess we’ll just have to get married then!” and went down on his knee and out popped a diamond ring.” ~ Tessa

What was your theme and colour palette?
Rustic with a soft colour palette of cream, peach, and beige” ~ Tessa

What sort of wedding favors did you opt for and why?
We opted for homemade granola that I personally made. It was packaged simply in a mason jar with a sticker of our initials on the top lid and a thank you card tied on a ribbon around the neck of the jar. We figured this would be more personal and memorable, plus I was interested in starting a granola business (which is now the bread-earning business of our family)! And who doesn’t love food? Food is always useful.” ~ Tessa

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
We purposely requested our event organiser to design the engagement party in quite a relaxed manner whereby the both of us could go around and properly socialize and drink and eat with our guests, especially because many of them had travelled overseas just to attend our event. We were so glad that we had this luxury. In many Indonesian weddings, the couple doesn’t get much time off the stage. Sometimes their friends can only exchange few words with them toward the end when all the guests form a queue to congratulate the family. We think it was wonderful to be able to truly share the moments and festivities with friends and families by having abundant mingling time.” ~ Tessa

Do you have any tips and wedding advice for other brides and grooms-to-be?
If you are trying something non-conservative, double-check on regulations to save cost! We initially planned to have our solemnization outdoors in a garden restaurant of some kind in Singapore. We had already applied to the Ministry of Marriage and even paid, but then we found out that Indonesian law states that if we have a pre-nuptial agreement, it will only become valid after a solemnization in Indonesia.

Another thing in my personal opinion (unless you have infinite wedding budget), is not to get a wedding/engagement dress custom made. I paid a deposit to get a dress made after seeing how beautiful another dress made by a designer turned out. But I ended up absolutely hating the end result of mine. So I forfeited the deposit and rented elsewhere. Rented dresses are safer.” ~ Tessa

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
Learn to give in. No matter how frustrating and annoying your partner is, or how wrong you know he/she is, it’s just not worth it. At the end of the day, everyone suffers. Learn to give in, apologize and make up fast. After all, you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together. Another piece of advice is to never sleep in different beds. Always try to resolve your arguments before you go to bed. Sleeping in different beds/rooms will just make the fight worse, and come morning you will start your day already cranky, which gets your partner even more upset. It’s an evil cycle.” ~ Tessa


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Vendor Information:
Number of Guests: 200
Venue: Padma Hotel Bandung
Photography: Fire Wood and Earth
Engagement Dress: Verena Mia
Groom’s Outfits: Suitsupply
Hair and Makeup: Leona Make Up Arts
Décor: Pepper Suite Events
Flowers: Pretty Wildflowers
Invitations: Rachel Tanudjaja (cousin)
Wedding Favours: DIY
Cake: Sucré Pâtissier and Chocolatier
Wedding Planning: Bozza Event Organizer
Entertainment: Divo Music (band)
Photobooth: Smite Booth
Videography: Rangga Kioe Film