Melvin and Tra My’s Engagement Shoot in Malacca

Andrew of Andrew Yep Photographie brought Melvin and Tra My to the artificial sand dunes of Pantai Klebang and the beautiful Kapitan Kongsi Hotel in Malacca, Malaysia for their engagement shoot. Tra My blended seamlessly with the historical hotel in her white custom-made áo dài (Vietnamese traditional dress) – and doesn’t she look gorgeous!

How did you meet?
"We met in university. I stalked her for a month before I found out what her name was, and so began my plan to inconspicuously add her as a friend on Facebook before asking for her number, and ultimately asking her out on a date. My best friend studied in the same university, so I first asked him for the names of a few people I could add who were mutual friends with her. Pro tip #1: always make sure you have at least 12 mutual friends with a girl before even attempting to add her Facebook to have a higher chance of success. From there, I waited. Pro tip #2: don’t add a girl immediately after her friends add you back (at the time, Facebook showed your recently added friends). Two weeks is a good amount of time to wait – hey, if you want the girl, you have to be willing to work for it.

After all that, I finally clicked on the ‘add friend’ button and waited anxiously for her response. The wait felt longer than all the other steps combined, but three hours later (which honestly felt like 15 years – I almost gave up!) she accepted my friend request.

Then, disaster struck. She posted on my wall immediately after accepting my request. I didn’t anticipate this, so I panicked. Pro tip #3: think beyond the ‘add friend’ button. I immediately asked my friends about what I should do, and how long I should wait before posting on her wall. Pro tip #4: ask people who have had actual experience with love.

Two days later, I posted on her wall. We talked for a bit on Facebook, I got her number, and we went out. We ate at Kenny Rogers and watched Madagascar. Five years later, we’re married.” ~ Melvin

How did you propose?
“I got my brother and my best friend to help me buy some balloons, a bottle of rosé, and rose petals. When she wasn’t home, I tied the balloons to create a ‘path’ from the guardhouse all the way to the front of our house. In hindsight, that probably wasn’t necessary – my wife didn’t notice. I played an acoustic cover of Beethoven on YouTube as she walked across a rose petal-covered walkway lit by candles. Pro tip #5: do not let your cats out when you have rose petals strewn about, especially when you have three of them. So, I got down on one knee and proposed with what could very well be the smallest diamond engagement ring mankind has ever seen. But guess what? She still said yes.” ~ Melvin  

Do you have any tips or advice for couples planning pre-wedding shoots?
"Bring a few cans of Red Bull. On the way back from the shoot, everyone slept save for me, because I had to drive.” ~ Melvin


Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us, Melvin and Tra My!



Vendor Information
Locations: Pantai Klebang and Kapitan Kongsi Hotel, Malacca
Photography: Andrew Yep Photographie
Wedding Gown: Emcee Couture
Ao Dai: Custom made in Vietnam
Groom’s Outfit: Ah Loke Tailor
Wedding Bands: Wah Chan
Hair and Makeup: Rynee Tan
Bouquet: Le Vintage