Mervyn and Erika’s Stunning Sunrise Pre-Wedding Shoot in Cappadocia, Turkey

Singaporean bride-to-be Erika fulfilled a long-held dream by flying to Cappadocia and Istanbul, Turkey for gorgeous overseas pre-wedding photos with her fiancé Mervyn.

Captured by Turkish photographers Ilker Katik and Mohamed Mekhamer, the lovebirds enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over Cappadocia with dozens of hot air balloons dotting the landscape. At Istanbul, meanwhile, the pair opted for a more casual engagement photo shoot amidst the city’s colourfully diverse streets and buildings.

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
“We chose to have our prewedding photos taken in Cappadocia as I've always wanted a private and intimate wedding solemnisation on board a hot air balloon ride.” ~ Erika

What were some interesting moments or special stories during the shoot?
“As the hot air balloon rides are subject to weather conditions, they were actually cancelled for the three nights that we were staying in Cappadocia. We got really lucky on the morning of our departure (which happened to be my birthday) and our photographer was also available for the photoshoot. It was truly a magical experience watching hundreds of hot air balloons at dawn.” ~ Erika

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning pre-wedding shoots?
“Hire local photographers/videographers in the countries that you're visiting as it will most likely be cheaper than flying somebody from Singapore. We actually found our photographers through hashtags on Instagram. There might be language barriers when you hire local photographers/videographers, so make sure you have your Google Translate app ready at all times.” ~ Erika


Congratulations on your engagement Mervyn and Erika, and we wish you a lifetime of love!



Vendor Information
Venues: Cappadocia and Istanbul, Turkey
Photography: Ilker Katik (Cappadocia) and Mohamed Mekhamer (Istanbul)