Miki and Joanne’s Unforgettable Iceland Engagement Shoot

Iceland’s monumental landscapes pretty much guarantee a pre-wedding shoot of epic proportions, especially when paired with show-stopping gowns by Malaysian designer Jinn Wu. Miki and Joanne simply ooze romance and dramatic flair in this once-in-a-lifetime shoot, as you’ll see in these photos by Edwin Tan Photography.

A word from Joanne…
“A long time ago, when I dreamed about my pre-wedding shoot, I always imagined that I would go to Paris or Milan. My trip to Iceland last year changed all that – I left my heart behind in that unworldly and mystical place. 

Preparing for the shoot took only three short months, but the search for the right photographer took three whole years! People who know me know that I have exacting standards. After going through the portfolios of over thirty different photographers, I finally decided to go with internationally acclaimed photographer Edwin Tan. I love his work, and his prices were very reasonable. Altogether, we spent less than RM10,000 on our pre-wedding shoot – plane tickets included!

Having graduated with a degree in fashion design, I knew I wanted to wear something extravagant for my big day, so I worked with local designer Jinn Wu. She may be young, but not only does she run her own design studio, she has also received multiple awards for her work and shown in Milan and Paris.

As for the inspiration behind the shoot, I wanted something unique that showed off my personal sense of style. I wanted to have romantic images that together created a narrative – novel, trendy yet not eccentric. Many people voiced their opinions about the pink dress, but only Alex Yap supported my decision to wear it for the shoot. I would really like to thank our photographer Edwin, makeup artist Agnes Yip and designer Jinn Wu for meeting all my demands.

For everyone considering flying to Iceland for a photo shoot, know that striking a pose in seven-degree weather wearing nothing but a thin dress is not easy. It gets especially difficult when you have to remove your footwear, sit on huge blocks of ice, and have waves of sub-zero temperatures splash against your body. But, for the sake of our dreamy photos, I endured. Tip: Bring heat packs and prepare hot drinks (and bring a hot water bottle)! 

Iceland only has two seasons: summer and winter. During the summer (May to August), the days are long and the nights are short, and in June and July, you even get 24 hours of daylight. In winter (September to April), you only get six hours of daylight. It’s important to keep in mind that driving from one location to another is likely to take you one or two hours. If you don’t plan to take photos in the glacier caves (which is only open to the public between December and April), anytime from May to October would be a good time to take photos in Iceland. Warmer temperatures aside, you’ll have more than enough time to shoot in daylight during those months. For those who do plan to shoot in the caves, I would recommend that you try your best to keep warm and choose a long-sleeved gown. The caves are not to be missed – not many couples have taken pre-wedding pictures there, and we are the first Malaysians to do it.

You only take your pre-wedding photos once in your life, so don’t settle for less.”


Congratulations on your engagement, Miki and Joanne, and thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us!



Vendor Information
Photography: Edwin Tan Photography
Wedding Gowns: Jinn Wu
Hair and Makeup: Agnes Yip