Mongchin Yeoh and Matthias’ Surprise Singapore Marriage Proposal

I like that he’s very trustworthy, smart, driven and always giving. He takes care of my needs and is always there to give me advice about life. Whenever I run into problems at work or at home, I know I can always count on him to help me with it. Someone that sees my problems as his and his as mine, my happiness as his happiness and his as mine…I think that’s very hard to come by.” ~ Mong

A few months ago, Annabel Law Productions and Invited approached The Wedding Scoop to help create a good cover story for Matthias’ surprise proposal to Singapore influencer Mongchin Yeoh – and like happy pranksters, we excitedly agreed.

Tricked into thinking that she was going to be part of a jewellery commercial shoot, Mong breezed onto the set like it was just another day at work. Little did she know, this day would change her life forever!

This sweet and perfectly executed surprise proposal beneath a beautiful rustic flower arch was captured by Annabel Law Productions, and styled by Invited!

Matt, when did you decide to propose and what planning was involved?
I decided to propose back in 2016 and contacted Annabel in April 2017 to put together a surprise for Mong. She brought along Loretta who was in charge of decorations, and the 3 of us brainstormed the idea for about 8 months until the proposal in December.

Mong and I frequently talked about marriage and I had been taking notes. She wanted the proposal to be a surprise and in the presence of family and close friends. I also wanted her to have many pictures to remember the moment by and that is how we came up with the perfect plan of disguising it as a fake video interview by a client. Thank goodness she totally fell for it and the surprise went as planned.” ∼Matt

How did you find the ring?
The first step was to find out her ideal ring design and her ring size. This wasn’t too difficult because Mong is like an open book when it comes to these things. Next, I contacted a diamond expert online and sought his help to find the perfect diamond based on my requirements and it took me 2 months of searching before the perfect one came by. I then got it specially customized.” ∼Matt

Mong, was the proposal a complete surprise or did you have an inkling as to what Matt was planning?
It was a COMPLETE surprise! I had no idea because everyone played along so well. Doing shoots like this is part and parcel of my job and I thought it would be fun for Matt to be in it as well. Little did I know, it was going to be my own engagement, haha!” ∼Mong

How did you feel during the actual proposal?
I was so confused at the very start because he was a lot more talkative than usual in front of the camera. Then he popped the question and I was in a state of disbelief until I finally saw my friends and family walk in!” ∼Mong

How do you feel after the proposal and do you have any tips for other couples planning to propose?
I feel great and very happy to start a new chapter of our lives together! My tip is to make sure you listen to your partner and find out exactly what she likes and wants, because every girl is different and there’s no one recipe that fits all!” ∼Matt


Warmest congratulations on your engagement, Mong and Matt, and we wish you a lifetime of love!


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Vendor Information
Exclusive Publisher and Cover Story: The Wedding Scoop
Venue: Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway
Photography and Videography: Annabel Law Productions
Hair and Makeup: Linda Lino Makeup
Décor: Invited
Flowers: Hello Flowers
Wedding Gifts: The Little Wedding Things