Moroccan Dreams: Dinesh and Hanu’s Engagement Shoot in Putrajaya

Doctors by day and the famed duo behind Blush Beauty & Beyond by night, Dinesh and Hanu make one truly formidable pair. Their picturesque engagement shoot was captured by Manoj Photography at Astaka Morocco in Putrajaya – who knew such a beautifully exotic location existed right in our own backyard?

How did you meet?
“We met at Taylor’s College in Subang Jaya, where we both studied pre-university. We had a few mutual friends. After a friend’s birthday party, somehow we became very close friends and he asked me to be his girlfriend (he used the words ‘life partner’) 6 months later in the compound of a garden at Taylor’s.” ~ Hanu

How did he propose?
“When we were 18, he asked me to be his girlfriend with a single rose stalk and some Ferrero Rocher in a garden at the college we went to. After I said yes, he took me to a lake nearby for a walk before we headed home.

Nine years later, he surprised me with a wedding proposal at the same spot. He hired a decorator for the occasion and invited our families and friends to witness it. He proposed to me last year on February 17, and we got married on February 25, 2018.” ~ Hanu 

Here are a few photos from the couple’s proposal captured by Jay Ko Photography, and their celebratory dinner with friends and family at Alexis at Bangsar:

What was the inspiration behind the shoot?
“Our inspiration for this shoot came from our love for the intricacies of architecture. We had another shoot last year at a temple in India, but when we found Astaka Morocco, we immediately fell in love with it and knew that we had to shoot our pre-wedding there. We also love ethnic wear and traditional jewellery, so we combined the two for the shoot. We got our outfits from local designers after seeing them at a fashion show we attended.

The shoot was fun, and Manoj is very easy to work with. We really love his style of photography; every shot he captures is flawless.” ~ Hanu

Could you please tell us a little bit more about how you are doctors on weekdays and a glam squad on weekends? It sounds like such an interesting story!
“We started Blush when we were both in our fourth year of medical school. Dinesh has a background in classical Indian dance, and he used to help his friends and cousins with their makeup for small events. Someone suggested that we start a business, and one day we thought ‘why not?’ We thought that it would be a great way to earn some extra income. I attended hairstyling lessons and we both enrolled in a couple of online makeup courses, but otherwise we are pretty much self-taught in both hair and makeup and saree draping. We started off small, doing personal makeovers on weekends, and slowly we found ourselves receiving more and more enquiries on Facebook. We never thought we'd come this far! He studied in Melaka-Manipal Medical College while I studied in IMU in Bukit Jalil, so the only time we met back in those days were on the weekends we spent with brides! (laughs) Even when we started working in hospitals, we still spent our weekends with our clients. We work seven days a week, but we love what we do.” ~ Hanu


Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, Dinesh and Hanu, and congratulations on your recent nuptials!



Vendor Information
Location: Astaka Morocco, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Photography: Manoj Photography 
Outfits: Remo Naidu Couture, Mora Laree
Jewellery: Erista Jewel Box
Hair and Makeup: Blush Beauty & Beyond