Most Beautiful Indoor Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore – Part 1

Most of us think of Singapore as a concrete jungle, but there are some amazingly photogenic spots in the city – as long as you know where to look!

The Wedding Scoop tapped on some of Singapore’s top wedding photographers – Acapella Photography, Andri Tei Photography, AndroidsinBoots, Annabel Law Productions, Antelope Studios, Blisspixel Wedding Photography, Multifolds Photography and Studio Kel – to reveal some of their favourite spots for indoor pre-wedding photography.

In Part 1, check out our list of gorgeous attractions, historic buildings and public locations that brides and grooms-to-be will definitely enjoy shooting at!



1. Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay
Located within the iconic Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest has an other-worldly atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore. We also love that shooting here means you won’t perspire much, since it functions as a conservatory for plants from the tropical highlands. Plus, it’s also home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.  

A word from Melvin of Multifolds Photography:
“I find it very beautiful because it fuses nature and architecture into one location. I have brides telling me that they love nature shoots, whereas the groom wishes to incorporate some architecture shots as well. They pose a further challenge to me when they say it has to be at a cooling place where they won’t sweat, and also a cheap place that does not charge a pre-wedding fee. That is why I recommend them the Cloud Forest!”

Photos by Melvin of Multifolds Photography


2. National Gallery Singapore
One of the most-recommended indoor photography locations, National Gallery Singapore’s artfully restored buildings are a visually pleasing blend of contemporary and colonial influences. Formerly the Supreme Court and City Hall, we adore its tiled floors, long corridors ,and arched corridors.

A word from Andri of Andri Tei Photography:
“The Supreme Court foyer is arguably the most photogenic of the four 
allowable photo spots inside National Gallery. Couples should try 
spending more time there instead of the other areas as only two hours of 
photography is allowed. The only con is the steep photography fee at close to $400, but there is no other venue like it in Singapore.”

A word from Joe of Acapella Photography:
“Its hallways are really beautiful and grand. The stairway is also another trademark shot.”

A word from Wilson of AndroidsinBoots:
“I love National Gallery because it’s like walking in a museum with almost no one in it. It has a sort of peace, and amazing old colonial interior details. And it also faces the sunrise so you get beautiful rays of light shining in.”

And a word from Bryan of Antelope Studios:
“The one and only venue in Singapore with grand colonial-style architecture. There’s lots of open space and it’s also air-conditioned.”

Photos by Andri of Andri Tei Photography

Photos by Joe of Acapella Photography

Photos by Wilson of AndroidsinBoots

Photos by Bryan of Antelope Studios


3. National Museum of Singapore
This might be the country’s oldest museum, but it still has plenty of opportunities for pre-wedding photography. From its colonial-era exterior to its classy, modern interior, it’s one location that just begs to be photographed.

A word from Andri of Andri Tei Photography:
“National Museum has very classic renaissance architecture with beautiful pillars and windows. This is the closest one could probably get to Victoria Concert Hall since it banned indoor photography in early 2018. It’s always a favourite, especially for couples who are looking to get nice classic architecture shots. It has a cheaper photography fee too compared to the National Gallery.”

Photos by Andri of Andri Tei Photography


4. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
A popular destination for top-notch designer brands and gourmet eats, the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is a wonderfully engaging experience for tourists and locals alike. Its high, arched ceilings allow plenty of light in, making it a great choice for indoor shoots.

A word from Bryan of Antelope Studios:
“Its amazing architecture on both the inside and outside make really awesome backgrounds for modern wedding pictures. It's also a perfect venue to escape the heat or rain with good space and natural light.”

Photos by Bryan of Antelope Studios


Historic buildings

5. Alcove at Caldwell House
Most Singaporeans will be familiar with CHIJMES Hall, but did you know about another location in the same building complex that serves as an ideal photography location? The Alcove at Caldwell House is a national monument that boasts a neo-classical design by Irish architect George Coleman, and features a semi-circular layout and pretty glass-paneled windows.

A word from Aloysius of Blisspixel:
“It's an excellent indoor location with great light and an amazing interior. Plus it's air-conditioned! More importantly, it’s quiet and private. The Alcove pre-wedding shoot is $200+ per hour (the rate is subject to change and the slot can only be confirmed 7 days before the requested date).”

Photos by Aloysius of Blisspixel


6. Pasir Panjang Power Station
Couples who want an urban feel to their pre-wedding photos should check out this decommissioned power station in Pasir Panjang. Its concrete floors, steel beams and expansive ceiling make this one unconventional shoot location.

A word from Melvin of Multifolds Photography:
“A simply gorgeous place that looks like New York City during the industrial revolution. It’s a place that doesn’t look like it belongs in Singapore. Couples have to contact Singapore Land Authority directly for bookings.”

Photos by Melvin of Multifolds Photography


7. The Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator
Wilson of AndroidsinBoots calls the Armenian Church “incredibly beautiful and timeless”, and it’s easy to see why. Singapore’s oldest church was built in 1835 and its clean, quiet interior aesthetic will offer a rich backdrop to your posed shots.

Photos by Wilson of AndroidsinBoots


Public locations

8. Bridges and linkways
Bridges and linkways have geometric lines that help to draw attention to the subject at hand, and provide a symmetrical composition in the photograph. The best part? Shooting at public places like the bridge at Orchard Gateway and Paragon, or the tunnel at Queen Elizabeth Walk, means you won’t have to fork out a cent!

A word from Bryan of Antelope Studios:
“We have a thing for bridges and linkways because of the potential of symmetry and tunnel compositions, how it’s under cover and away from direct sunlight, and yet has plenty of natural light.”

Photos by Bryan of Antelope Studios


9. Void decks
A ubiquitous part of Singapore, the void decks of HDB flats are often neglected and forgotten – but they can also function as a lovely backdrop for simple, minimalist images that are effortless and free (now that’s a winning combination).

A word from Annabel of Annabel Law Productions:
“My favourite place for shoots: shooting at HDB void decks! Most void decks have white walls and grey cement, which is perfect as they act as a clean backdrop for shoots. The white walls diffuse the natural light, and it’s a great way to shoot couples during their hectic day.”

Photos by Annabel of Annabel Law Productions


There you go, Wedding Scoopers! We hope this feature helps you find the perfect venues for your pre-wedding shoots. Want to share your own favourite photography spots with us? Drop us a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

Thanks again to Acapella Photography, Andri Tei Photography, AndroidsinBoots, Annabel Law Productions, Antelope Studios, Blisspixel Wedding Photography, Multifolds Photography and Studio Kel for sharing your most beautiful indoor photography locations with us!


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