Most Romantic Spots for Photo Taking in Singapore - Part 1


Maybe you’re experiencing a little date night dearth or just on the lookout for an intimate way to spend Valentine’s Day. If going on a bit of an outdoor adventure sounds right up your alley, then this list of photo taking spots, judged most conducive for l'amour by some inspiring Singapore photographers, may just lead you down the path for some serious romance.

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Location #1: MacRitchie Reservoir Park




Photos by Joshua of The Beautiful Moment Photography.

Joshua: The park has beautiful sunsets, ample greenery and calm waters. Head up a small hill near the fishing area and it’ll bring you to a wilder part of MacRitchie with fallen trees and untrodden paths!


Photo by Andri of Andri Tei Photography.

Andri: A beautiful quiet reservoir that is especially pretty early in the morning where it can get quite misty.

Location #2: Aviation Park Road near Changi Exhibition Centre






Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: This place has a feeling of the wilderness to it – perfect for camping or an off-road themed photo shoot. It is definitely a good place for adventurous and outdoor-oriented couples.

Location #3: Pasir Ris Park




Photos by Joshua of The Beautiful Moment Photography.

Joshua: Not many couples come here due to its distance away from the city. It has a long beach, accessible breakwaters, and old-school playgrounds as well!





Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: The trees here have a desolate forest feel which is rare for a place that is so accessible. Placing two people in love amidst this lonely setting is the perfect use of contrast. To cap it off, head to the nearby beach for a long walk on at dusk.

Location #4: Singapore Botanic Gardens




Photos by Mindy of Mindy Tan Photography.

Mindy: One of my favourite spots of all time is the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The expanse of the gardens and its variety of flora and fauna makes it perfect for photography under all sorts of lighting conditions.

Location #5: Punggol Road End




Photos by KC of Feelm.

KC: Any place that allows you to have an unobstructed view of a neighbouring country is always romantic. Walking on a beach littered by boulders of all sizes, punctuated by the odd fisherman or oyster-picker and looking at the lights at the ship yard across the straits, makes you forget the once-grim history of Punggol beach. But hey, that's where the romance is, right?

Location #6: Portsdown Road / Wessex Estate




Photos by Mindy of Mindy Tan Photography.

Mindy: If you love charming black and white houses a la Tiong Bahru with a bit of a twist, Wessex Estate is a totally laid-back little neighbourhood with a few chic cafes on its fringe.


Photo by Andri of Andri Tei Photography.

Andri Tei: A charming location off Portsdown Road, take a quiet afternoon walk and enjoy the greenery and colonial houses.

Location #7: Tiong Bahru



Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: Well-known for its hip cafes, restaurants and shops, Tiong Bahru is a default place for a lot of couples. Aside from the usual "coffee date” themed shoot, the housing estate’s unique architecture and street lights at night combine to become an edgy photo shoot location.

Location #8: Jurong Lake




Photos by KC of Feelm.

KC: Another gem frequented by people who live nearby, Jurong Lake boasts abundant wildlife and misty mornings. Surrounded by decades-old trees, this place is leafy, tranquil and charming – a contrast to the heavy traffic nearby on the AYE expressway and Boon Lay MRT station. I look at it as an oasis in the desert. However, development plans are slated for this piece of land, which makes this a fast disappearing slice of paradise.

Location #9: Raffles Hotel

26Raffles Hotel-39EastPhotography

Photo by Eng Hong of 39 East Photography.

Eng Hong: There is a certain old school charm here that cannot be found anywhere else.

Location #10: Nosh




Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: We shot our first and only LGBT wedding ceremony here so Nosh will always come up whenever we talk about free love. There’s a reason why all the weddings we’ve covered here were pretty, intimate and romantic. The surrounding greenery, the make-up room at the colonial building, the iconic bridge and the candlelit dining ambience offer numerous beautiful opportunities for camera-loving couples.

Location #11: Chinese Garden




Photos by KC of Feelm.

KC: This garden in western Singapore is underrated amongst Singaporeans but its large well-manicured grounds will impress those who care to explore it. You can pick your favourite spot on a hill, by the water, under a pagoda, or under a bridge to admire the flora and fauna as you take a leisurely stroll with your other half.

Location #12: Gardens by the Bay (Bay East Garden)


Photo by Eng Hong of 39 East Photography.

Eng Hong: Much quieter than Bay South, the Bay East Garden offers an awesome view of the Singapore skyline.


Photo by Wansheng of Feldberyl Images.

Wansheng: This is the place to experience Singapore as a garden city. 30 years down the road, this will bring back memories, especially with the ever-changing city skyline.


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