Most Romantic Spots for Photo Taking in Singapore - Part 2


Part 1 of our “Most Romantic Spots for Photo Taking in Singapore” took you to twelve of our island’s most inimitable settings for an idyllic outdoor adventure for two. The inspiration continues as the photography pros introduce us to yet another treasure trove of understated gems perfect for a romantic escape just in time for the season of love.

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Location #13: Woodleigh Park


Photo by Andri of Andri Tei Photography.

Andri: A very accessible location next to Woodleigh MRT. Take a slow walk to explore the quiet park, and if you're lucky, you might be able to spot some rare birds there too.

Location #14: Lazarus Island


Photo by Bobby of Bobby Kiran Photography.

Bobby: I love this place as it is peaceful and filled with serenity. You can rent a boat and just have some time off from hectic city life. There is also a beach where you can have a stroll with your partner.

Location #15: Tuas




Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: This is our go-to place for shoots involving vehicles. Romance and cars always go together perfectly. Who doesn't want to ride off into the sunset like Bonnie and Clyde?

Location #16: Changi Beach




Photos by KC of Feelm.

KC: The perfect place for plane spotting, Changi Beach has long stretches of white sand lined with tall coniferous trees. Imagine the sea breeze against your face as the sun sets, with the roaring sound of a landing or departing jet resonating in the skies, giving you that perfect excuse to lean in close and whisper into your other half's ear.

Location #17: Capella



Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: I like Capella for its versatility. Solemnisations can become an instant opportunity for a photo shoot in one of their nice rooms, the gardens and the pool area. With direct access to the beach, it’s almost like being at a resort overseas. You can capture a lot of different scenes here in just a short amount of time.

Location #18: Tanjong Beach


Photo by Eng Hong of 39 East Photography.

Eng Hong: Playing with sparklers on the quiet beach, with the sound of lapping waves in the background – it can’t get more romantic than that.

Location #19: Hort Park




Photos by Joshua of The Beautiful Moment Photography.

Joshua: This spot is a little behind the main Hort Park area near Canterbury road. Its sloping green hills and colonial houses make it absolutely lovely for photographs.




Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: The unique rolling landscape gives off a whimsical vibe that complements a happy, fun-loving couple. My tilt-shift lens for that miniature toy effect gets a lot of burn here.




Photos by KC of Feelm.

KC: Even though it's a park, what I love about this place is its architecture: the airiness, the open spaces, the stark and contrast-y lines, and the way it turns any type of light soft. Standing on the elevated foyer, you can have a very pleasant view of the greenery of Kent Ridge Park. The fact that it is a hub that links the southern ridges means you will run out of topics with your loved one faster than you run out of canopied walkways.

Location #19: Singapore Changi Airport




Photos by Joshua of The Beautiful Moment Photography.

Joshua: Couples love to travel and many fond memories are made here. There are actually many quiet spots sprinkled throughout the 3 terminals and during off-peak hours (early – late afternoon), human traffic is minimal. The airport staff usually leave you alone as well!

Location #20: Tamarind Hill






Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: This is my favourite venue for intimate weddings. I love framing couples with the fine tamarind leaves. Watch for that warm glow from the left side of the colonial house during sunset to get those dreamy images.

Location #21: Little India




Photos by KC of Feelm.

KC: It might surprise some people that I actually think Little India is romantic. Century-old shophouses, historical temples, and rustic back lanes all add up to make Little India one of Singapore's most exotic enclaves. People of all nationalities throng her narrow streets - a mishmash of residents, tourists, merchants, foreign workers. There are ceremonies or festivals occurring almost every day at the various temples or mosques. Little India is most charming just when the sun is about to set, when the mad traffic of pedestrians and vehicles reaches fever peak and overhanging fairy lights turn on after dark. Who says "romance" can only be found in nature?

Location #22: Park near Punggol 24th Avenue





Photos by Joseph of Super Panda Presents.

Joseph: It’s a small area but the trees here have a magical and dreamy quality to them when thrown out of focus. This place works well for photographs even in the mid-day sun.

Location #23: Lower Peirce Reservoir Park




Photos by Mindy of Mindy Tan Photography.

Mindy: Whether it is the Upper Peirce, Lower Peirce, or MacRitchie Reservoir Parks, our waterways tend to be great locations to catch the beautiful sunrise and sunset.



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