Paulo and Maria Alyssa's Marriage Proposal With Views of Majestic Mount Fuji

Paulo’s love for Maria Alyssa began ever since he saw her at a photography group they were both in. In this beautiful marriage proposal captured against the stunning backdrop of Mount Fuji by Joseph of Super Panda Presents, this adorable couple agreed to spend the rest of their lives together while wearing fun Ultraman and Godzilla masks inspired by ones they wore on their first date!

Please tell us a little bit about your love story.
“Photography has been at the core of our love story. I had been eyeing Maria Alyssa through Shifters Photography, a Filipino photography group, for a year! This patient stalker trusted his instincts, finally had the guts and it's an open story for the rest of our lives.” ~ Paulo

Paulo, when did you decide to propose and what planning was involved?
“It was a year-long preparation. It took a lot of research and hard work.

Late 2015, I covered a Super Panda Presents wedding in Europe. And since I'd read that Italy is the birth place of engagement rings, I wanted to buy the ring firsthand! Luckily enough, I had my Italian friends who helped me.

We were only dating at that time but the constant vision of having her for a lifetime urged me to keep a ring and pop the question at the perfect time.

I bravely approached her parents and talked them through my plans. It was a one-on-one with her mom from the Philippines and her dad, who is working in Japan, which then lead us to Japan. She had plans to visit her dad whom she hadn't seen for two decades, so we finally travelled together to see him in November last year. Initially, it should have been in Miyajima with her dad but it rained *laughs*! Besides, it was too crowded. Knowing her, Saiko was the perfect spot! The proposal day was the coldest morning for me – with cold feet, I masked up and knelt down.

Brief history: we had our first date with masks, so I incorporated masks into the proposal.”
~ Paulo

Maria Alyssa, was the proposal a complete surprise or did you have an inkling as to what Paulo was planning? Could you please tell us a little bit about how you felt during the actual proposal?
“Saiko was a complete surprise, but I had hints he would propose anytime - The way he told me his plans, how he valued me, my family and the intimacy we'd developed over a year.

And that's why he was jittery that moment, chasing the morning light, scouting the perfect spot and trying to set up a video! I really thought it was a trial shot with a remote, and our dare-me-masks on. I was still clueless when he turned on the video but wondered why he was framing my side at an angle against a completely dull background, when it's supposed to be a couple shot with Fuji-san.

When he opened that box, that's when I broke down in tears! I wasn't able to digest any of his lines! I rushed him to finish and just hug me tight! Then I kissed him with a, ‘Yes’” ~ Maria Alyssa


Thank you for sharing these sweet photos with us, Paulo and Maria Alyssa, and we can’t wait to share your intimate wedding photos in Japan soon too!


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