Photographer Jen Huang Shares 5 Beautiful and Classic Poses for Wedding Couples

Known for her fresh, clean, and bright imagery, photographer Jen Huang has been featured on the covers of numerous books and international bridal publications. Jen kindly agreed to contribute an article for TWS on her favourite poses for wedding couples which you can easily incorporate into your own photo shoots. Take it away, Jen!

Jen: To celebrate the release of my new eBook series on portraiture and composition, I have created a mini-compositional guide on my technique and process behind creating 5 beautiful and classic poses for brides and grooms that I am sharing with you here:

1. Kisses
Kisses can be sweet or they can be sensual. For brides and grooms, I like to capture sweet kisses that are romantic but not too overt. In these two images, you get a sense of how protective the groom is. This is conveyed by the light kiss on the bride's forehead/cheek as well as his enveloping arms around her. You can feel that she is completely in his embrace, especially as she gently touches her face with her eyes closed. A wedding kiss doesn't necessarily have to be lips-to-lips to show us that the couple is deeply in love. 

Camera & Film: Contax 645, 80mm, F 2.8, 1/125, Fuji 400H 120mm

2. Looking Away
Sometimes during a couple's session, it is easiest to shoot and pose them looking at the camera the entire period. Oftentimes we forget to have them turn around because it feels unnatural to communicate with a couple if they're facing away from you. But I always try to sneak in photos like these if I can. I like the variety that this type of pose gives me in the bridal portraits and that it takes on a new meaning - to me it feels like the couple is looking into the future, which is what a wedding is all about. 

Camera & Film: Contax 645, 80mm, F 2.8, 1/60, Fuji 400H 120mm

3. Veil in the Wind
Not all brides choose to wear a veil, but when they do, and it is a stunning, silk cathedral veil from Girl With a Serious Dream, I get a little giddy. I always try to use accessories and fabrics to add an element of movement in my photos. When we are lucky enough to have wind, I let nature dictate the flow of veils or dresses so that the photos have a realistic sense of movement. In some of these photos here I asked the groom to lift the bride into his arms which gave her veil even more freedom to dance in the wind. 

Camera & Film: Contax 645, 80mm, F 2.8, 1/60, Fuji 400H 120mm

4. Walking Together
I like to let the personalities of my bride and groom shine through in my directing process. I first set up a scene or idea, but then allow spontaneous candids to emerge. When I ask a bride and groom to walk together, I always tell them to sneak in a few kisses or give each other some loving looks whenever they want. This takes the pressure off of the photos by distracting them with a pleasant activity and the resulting photos are much more natural and authentic to the couple. 

Camera & Film: Canon 1V, 50mm 1.2, F 2.0, 1/1000, Ilford Delta 3200 35mm

5. Landscapes
As with 2, this shot is all about creating distance between you and the bride and groom so that you can capture them from far away. It may seem unnatural to be shouting directions across a field, but I love these images because they include both the couple and the landscape/environment of the wedding venue. It's a great way to set the scene and gives a lovely background story to your portraits. It also makes for a stunning wall print that isn't quite as focused on faces. 

Camera & Film: Canon 1V, 50mm 1.2, F 2.0, 1/1000, Ilford Delta 3200 35mm

TWS: And here are a few more of our own personal favourite moments and poses (from first looks to hand-holding) which we couldn't resist sharing with you too:


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Thanks for sharing your favourite poses with us, Jen. We’re sure our readers will be inspired to incorporate them in their photo shoots. :)


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Vendor Information
Planning: Davia Lee Events
Hair and Makeup: Chiali Meng Artistry
Wedding Gown: Claire Pettibone
Veil: Girl with a Serious Dream
Photography: Jen Huang Photo
Film: Fuji Film 
Processing: Richard Photo Lab