Rahaman and Angeline’s Ruggedly Romantic Surprise Proposal in Cappadocia, Turkey

Rahaman decided to propose to his long-time girlfriend Angeline while on a pre-wedding shoot in Cappadocia, Turkey. Captured by Istanbul-based photographer Ufuk Sarisen, Rahaman went down on one knee as dawn broke over the quaint town of Goreme.

The couple chose Cappadocia’s intriguing rock formations as the backdrop for their shoot, resulting in a series of unconventional pre-wedding photos. They also enjoyed a picturesque picnic at the Sultan Cave Suites for a more casual and fun set of images.

A word from photographer Ufuk Sarisen:
“When we talked with Angeline and Rahaman via Skype, we first planned a pre-wedding photo session at Cappadocia. Angeline didn’t know that the shoot would not be just for a pre-wedding. Rahaman would also propose to her. We planned to give her a big surprise and made many alternative plans.

Angelina lives in Malaysia and Rahaman lives in Singapore. After finishing his work every Friday night, he gets on a bus to see his girlfriend in Malaysia. And at the end of every Sunday night, he goes back to his engineering job in Singapore on Monday morning. He has made this amazing tiring journey every weekend for many years. This is so impressive to me.

We had a meeting in Goreme before the day of the shoot with Angeline and Rahaman and talked over all the details again for the last time. Shooting was going to start before sunrise, so the hairdresser and make-up artist came two hours before the sunrise. Just before dawn, we met at Sultan Cave Suites and then we went to the balloon takeoff area. We waited for a while, but all the flights were cancelled because of the high wind speed. With or without balloons, Cappadocia always serves up beautiful and extraordinary backgrounds, so it was not a big deal. Rahaman was originally going to propose at that point, but we turned to Plan B.

We arrived at another amazing location for the proposal: Goreme Sunset View Point. We shot both photos and videos with my friend Gokhan during the proposal. We also used a drone. It was so great to witness these amazing moments. There were too many different emotions: tears, happiness, excitement, joy, etc. After that, we went back to Sultan Cave Suites for breakfast and shot photos at the terrace with an amazing view. Then we did a valley tour together all afternoon.

Dear Angeline and Rahaman, I hope I will see you again on your wedding day. I wish you eternal happiness!


Congratulations on your engagement Rahaman and Angeline, and we wish you a lifetime of love!


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Vendor Information
Photography: Ufuk Sarisen
Location: Goreme Sunset View Point and Sultan Cave Suites in Cappadocia, Turkey