Raymond and Shyanne's Marriage Proposal Aboard a Yacht

If like us, you’re crazy about stories of love overcoming the odds, then you’ll definitely want to hear Raymond and Shyanne’s and also peek at their beautiful proposal, captured by Jerald Saw, aboard a Ximula Sail yacht.

Please tell us a little about your love story.
Ours is definitely not your typical love story. We have been through a lot, and we are still trying our very best to make this all work for our future! We started off as colleagues in my uncle's company, but I worked in the office while he was a carpenter. I was new there so I tried to make friends with everyone to gain good rapport at work. As time passed by, we became closer friends and soon enough, developed feelings for each other. We have many differences — Raymond is an S-pass holder from China while I’m a true-blue Singaporean.

We had to lay low for the first two years. Nobody in the company knew about us (or so we thought) and we did not post photos of ourselves on social media. As time went by however, my mum became suspicious and we faced disapproval. Because of this, Raymond almost lost his job and had to be sent back. That period was tremendously tumultuous for the both of us. I'm glad that so much has changed since then, everyone in the family has seen Raymond’s sincerity and hard work to make this relationship work. My parents now treat him like their son. My grandparents love him too, and he helps out at their house whenever household items break down — given his skillset, he’s become everyone's handyman.” ~ Shyanne

Raymond, when did you decide to propose and what planning was involved?
I planned to propose in our fifth year together as a couple, this was in 2016. We were looking at social media, commenting on weddings and proposals, and I got ideas about what she fancied. I started asking her for her girlfriends’ contacts, and secretly created a group chat to garner help! Thanks to help from her girlfriends, everything was a success!

I initially wanted to build a boat (she loves handmade stuff) and put it on a beach but decided that it was not feasible. We then decided on a romantic yacht proposal with lots of fairy lights (a favourite of hers!) and we met up twice with Min Qi of Ximula Sail who was a really great help!

On the day itself, I tricked her into going on a pre-anniversary date. I had been busy with work (and proposal preparation) the past few months and we hadn’t had much time for dates so it wasn't difficult to convince her!

Her girlfriends went aboard the yacht much earlier to set up the decorations while I waited for the right time to bring her over.” ~ Raymond

Shyanne, was the proposal a complete surprise or did you have an inkling as to what your fiancé was planning? Could you please tell us a little bit about how you felt during the actual proposal?
The proposal on the yacht definitely came as a complete surprise! I knew he was going to propose soon as we’d already been ring shopping together, but I was clueless about where and when exactly.

I did start to suspect something was up after being blindfolded in the car halfway to Sentosa but I thought he might just be taking me to the beach. It was only after we stepped onto the yacht with people supporting me — as the yacht was shaking slightly — that I realised that we were on a ship or boat!

After my blindfold was removed, I saw all my girlfriends, the fairy lights and our photos hung around the yacht and big letters that read, "Will you marry me" on the sail. The next thing I knew, Raymond was down on one knee right in front of me!

It felt sooo surreal! I had been looking at proposals from The Wedding Scoop and photographers but I never expected mine to be such a romantic fairytale! I was so overwhelmed with emotions I didn't know what to think. All I knew was, I said 'YES' to the love of my life and now I am getting married!” ~ Shyanne

Raymond, how do you feel after the proposal and do you have any tips for other couples planning to propose?
The proposal was definitely nerve-racking, and the excitement can't be explained with mere words.

There is no right or wrong for anything you plan to do. As long as you are sincere, SHE will feel it. Pay attention to small details that she likes and may have mentioned while browsing through social media or watching TV. You can get your hints from there!” ~ Raymond

A last word…
It was a pleasure to share our unusual love story and we hope that it may help to inspire and bring couples together. As cliché as it may sound, nothing is impossible!” ~ Shyanne

Warmest congratulations on your engagement, Raymond and Shyanne, and thank you for sharing your beautiful proposal story and photos with us!


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Vendor Information:
Venue: Ximula Sail (chartered yacht docked at ONE°15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove)
Photography: Jerald Saw