Real Grooms, Real Proposals - Part 2


Hi Wedding Scoopers! In Part 1 of this interview, you heard about how the guys realized that they wanted to marry their wives/fiancees and how they picked their engagement rings. We now pick up where we left off, and ask them about the nuts and bolts of the actual proposals. 


TWS: Gentlemen, thank you for talking us through the engagement ring selection process! Now let’s talk a little about how you came up with and organized the proposals. Did you look to external sources for ideas on how to propose?

Brian: Friends played a huge part!

Deanson: I looked everywhere for ideas.

Fabian: No.

Stephen: No.

Keith: Yes, I did, I wanted it simple yet classy, so we began selecting the location to fit the bohemian warehouse feel. I finally selected Wheeler’s Yard!


Keith and Jeanne's proposal captured by Fusheng, Embrace Pictures.

TWS: Brian, Deanson and Keith, your proposals involved other people. How did you coordinate the proposal without giving the surprise away?

Brian: The general planning committee that was coordinating my surprise birthday party with Hilary was also in on the proposal. They all played their roles perfectly in terms of contributing to discussions on what we should be doing for my birthday, while keeping me updated on what was happening so we could plan the proposal surprise around that. In that sense, everyone was involved with the secret. 

Deanson: I had to find time when Chloe and I weren’t meeting, to arrange and coordinate the proposal, together with Tiffany and the photographer, months before the actual day.

Keith: Coordinating the proposal was my biggest challenge, I almost made everyone sign a non-disclosure! I told my boys and my family about the entire plan, I knew they could hold it in. I had the best crew ever! I went to recce the place three times and told the main coordinators, Kristine, Fusheng, Webster, Ryan, and Rex, the plan, and left it to them. I am so blessed. For the rest of the guests, like Jeanne’s girlfriends, I just told them it was a Christmas birthday surprise party as Jeanne is a Christmas baby!


Deanson and Chloe's proposal at Ngee Ann City's Tiffany & Co. boutique captured by Lawrence, UnderTheStars Photography.

TWS: And some of the proposals involved travelling overseas - how did you coordinate the logistics of the proposal with people overseas?

Brian: Hilary's Mum was very excited and she was the point lady for the family's travels to Kuala Lumpur, and had put one of her best friends in charge of the logistics.

Stephen: It was just the two of us travelling to South Korea for a holiday where I planned to propose. The biggest logistical issue was really to remember to pack the engagement ring and make sure that I did not lose it while travelling. It was also up to me to muster the courage to ask for her hand at the right place and right moment.

Keith: My proposal wasn’t overseas. but if I had to do it all again, I would definitely get a wedding planner.


TWS: We’re down to the wire - you have the ring and you’ve coordinated the proposal. Everything’s ready to go. Tell us what you said to propose!

Brian: The energy in the room was immense! As such, I kept it simple, getting down on one knee and popping the question. I had a speech prepared but got tongue-tied!

Deanson: I was so nervous I stumbled through what I had earlier planned to say.

Fabian: “Hi, will you marry me?”

Stephen: If I recall correctly, I asked Doreen if she was enjoying our tour of Jeju Island and she said “yes”. I went on to ask if she would like to travel only with me for the rest of her life and journey through life’s adventures forever together.

Keith: “…you actually taught me how to be more sensitive, more caring, more gentle and above all you taught me how to love unconditionally. And because you loved me unconditionally, I want to give you everything I have. I want to give you more than what I have. I want to be your 110%…today i’m asking you to be my forever. Jeanne, I want you to spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?”




Brian and Hilary's proposal captured by Shanghai Affairs.

TWS: Do you have any advice to our male readers about what they should say when they propose?

Deanson: Just be yourself, say what comes to you naturally, and ask for her hand.

Keith: If I could give any advice to grooms to be, it would be sincerity. The proposal is your promise to her and your personal reasons for why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Think hard and be honest - that is why marrying the right girl is so important, because then you would have the best reasons to marry her. It’s a personal message meant for her ears and if others happen to come across it and like it, that’s a bonus.





Keith and Jeanne's proposal, wedding and wedding portrait captured by Fusheng, Embrace Pictures.

TWS: Sometimes no matter how hard you plan, something can catch you by surprise. Was there anything unexpected that happened during your proposal?

Brian: The speech did not come out the way it was supposed to! Keeping it simple is the key.

Deanson: Everything went as planned, she said “yes”!

Fabian: She immediately took my pulse on my neck, which I thought odd at the time.

Stephen: Thankfully nothing unexpected happened during my proposal. 

Keith: Yes! I felt she was apprehensive when she said “yes”. I didn’t want her to feel pressured to marry me after 10 months because there were 50 people watching her. So at the end of the night, I spent some time with her, telling her she can think about it and get back to me. She shared that she was merely shocked and was not apprehensive at all! I wasn’t convinced, and sent her home, doubting myself. So I showered and went to hit the sheets. Thereafter I received a text from her, saying that this was the most perfect proposal she could ever imagine and she felt so special, and she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with me. I was happy, and I concussed immediately without replying. 





Fabian and Julie's wedding ceremony and reception captured by jfaith weddings.

TWS: I know when I proposed, I forgot to put the ring on my wife's finger after she said "Yes". I just gave her the box with the ring in it and started whooping for joy. My wife teases me about it but my excuse is that I was new to proposing! What’re your blooper stories?

Fabian: We walked around Duxton trying to find an appropriately dark, secluded spot. Or at least I did. She thought we were just walking. It almost didn’t happen but I found a nice spot with a big tree, except that the tree blocked a fair amount of light so she couldn’t see the ring. But in the end she accepted anyway.

Stephen: I guess that biggest blooper, if you consider it one, was that the ring was too big for Doreen’s fingers so there was a bit of panic after Doreen accepted my proposal. We nervously fumbled to put the ring back into the box while trying to balance on small stone steps on top of Mount Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) on a very windy morning. I shudder to think what a disaster it would have been if the ring had rolled down the mountain! We also lost track of our hiking group because we got too engrossed in the proposal and took some time to catch up with them.

Keith: Haha, a lot of people told me I shouldn’t be chewing gum while proposing but I told them that was the only thing between me and the pulsating atmosphere. I memorised the speech and didn’t use flash cards!






Stephen and Doreen's Tiffany & Co. "Tiffany Setting" engagement ring, engagement shoot, wedding portrait and reception captured by Kelvin, Lightedpixels Photography.

TWS: We’re down to the final question and we’ve saved the very best for last. Describe your favourite or most memorable moment during the proposal, in vivid detail!

Brian: When she said yes and the whole room erupted and cameras started flashing as though Manchester United had scored a 90th minute goal!

Deanson: With the wonderful help from the Tiffany folks at the Ngee Ann City boutique, I surprised her with a handwritten note in Tiffany’s window display and went down on one knee outside the boutique. We then had brunch in the boutique’s private room which was decorated with flowers, Tiffany chocolates and cupcakes. The part that I loved the most was my wife’s expression when she saw the note in the window display. She was so bowled over and kept urging me to get up on my feet. And after she said “yes”, she was again astonished when she spotted someone shooting us from a distance. The photographer was in fact Lawrence, whom I got to capture the beautiful moments of the day.

Fabian: My most memorable moment was the words “what am I doing” going over and over in my mind during the entire proposal.

Stephen: My favourite moment was when she said “yes” so readily and definitively to my proposal because it meant that the dream of spending my life with such a wonderful girl was finally coming true at that very moment. The proposal place also held a special meaning for me as I found out that it had the same name as the village in which my grandfather grew up.

Keith: My favourite moment has got to be the message of her words of affirmation after everything! To all the ladies reading this, remember!



Deanson and Chloe's proposal brunch at Ngee Ann City's Tiffany & Co. boutique captured by Lawrence, UnderTheStars Photography.


Deanson and Chloe's engagement shoot captured by Jose Villa.



Deanson and Chloe's wedding details and group portrait captured by Lawrence, UnderTheStars Photography.


Thanks guys for being so candid with us and our readers, and for sharing your experiences, insight and amazing proposal stories. And to all the guys out there reading this and planning your own proposals with excitement and trepidation - you’re not alone! We hope this interview has shed some light on just how diverse and unique every proposal is, and we hope it inspires and empowers you in planning your own.

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