Relaxed Wedding at Open Farm Community With DIY Wedding Dresses

Deepan and Julianne quite literally decided to take things into their own hands for their relaxed wedding at Open Farm Community captured by Synchronal Photography. Deepan built their wedding arch out of copper pipes and Julianne designed and made her own wedding dresses (which her new husband gushed over after seeing it for the first time during her walk down the aisle). Too perfect!

Here's a peek at the couple's lunch reception at Shahi Maharani…

Watch this short film of the couple’s wedding day captured by Rekord Haus

How did you meet?
 “Deepan and I got to know each other while we were part of the NUS Student Union. We worked on the same project and I developed a huge crush on him. Thankfully, he didn’t find out until after we had gotten together.” ~ Julianne

How did you decorate your venues? Did you undertake any DIY projects?
We decided early on that we wanted a simple, intimate wedding filled with personal touches, so we took up a few DIY projects.

Armed with a tripod and self-timer, Deepan took our pre-wedding photos in Singapore and Bali. Before this, he had dabbled in photography but our pre-wedding was the first time he took self-portraits. Taking photos in Bali was an adventure as we travelled to a fairly underdeveloped island to get the shots we wanted.

Open Farm Community is already beautiful and we liked the minimalist vibe, so we hardly decorated our venue. We did however, opt for an arch for the ceremony, which Deepan built out of copper pipes and Fleurapy styled for us. Deepan likes building things and has some engineering experience so when he saw the photo that inspired me, he was confident he could bring it to life. I have no experience with flowers and didn’t want to stress about them on the actual day, so we got help from Fleurapy. Fleurapy really nailed the carefree, colourful, summery look we were going for and they were a pleasure to work with. I really loved the end result. On the day of the wedding, Deepan’s friends put together the arch (which was actually a miracle as some of the screws got lost and so they improvised with what they had).

The other DIY project were my wedding dresses. I had about two years of dressmaking experience when I decided I wanted to sew my own wedding and evening dress. Looking back, it was a big risk considering dressmaking was just a hobby and I had never attempted anything of this scale before. In the end, I just came to accept that my dresses would not be perfect but what I would learn during the process would be worth it. I was lucky to find the perfect fabrics for my dresses, and after that designing them came easily. I started on the more difficult evening dress first which took me about four months. I envisioned a strapless knee-length dress in white and gold beaded tulle and this meant having to make a corset to hold the dress up. The wedding dress itself was much simpler and took about a month. While in New York, I found this lace with a triangular motif in Mood Fabrics and knew that it was the one. The hardest part of making the wedding dress was making sure Deepan wouldn’t see it before the ceremony, but I would do it all over again because he was pleasantly surprised by the dress and kept telling me all night how much he liked it.” ~ Julianne

What sort of wedding favors did you opt for, and why?
We opted for Japanese-inspired foldable fans because it was hot, and toy cars because they were cute.” ~ Julianne

Any tips or wedding advice (e.g. planning or cost saving) the couple has for other brides and grooms to-be.
We found that it was really important to get to know our vendors and understand their philosophies and strengths before we engaged them. Although we communicated our vision (we wanted a wedding that was very ‘chill’ and organic) to our vendors, we also trusted that they knew best. After all, they had much more experience dealing with weddings than us! We decided what aspects of the wedding were more important to us and splurged on them, and minimised cost and effort in other areas. At times, I found myself getting swept away by what I saw on Pinterest where everything was impossibly perfect down to the last detail but in the end, what mattered most was that everyone (us, the guests, our photographers and videographers) had a good time.” ~ Julianne


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Congratulations on your marriage, Deepan and Julianne! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!



Vendor Information
Number of Guests: 120 (ceremony and dinner) and 70 (lunch)
Venue: Open Farm Community (ceremony and dinner) and Shahi Maharani (lunch)
Photography: Synchronal Photography
Hair and Makeup: Valda Goh from Makeup Maestro
Flowers: Fleurapy
Videography: Rekord Haus