Ryuju and Reichel’s Gothic Fantasy-Themed Wedding Anniversary Shoot in Norway

Hubby and I wanted to travel to a faraway country we had never been to for a whole new experience, and to a country with beautiful scenery that we wouldn’t find in Singapore. We needed a beautiful and magnificent church for our dark gothic theme, and also preferred a less touristy location for ease of the photo shoot. Joe (from Acapella Photography) took in these considerations and recommended Norway.” ~ Reichel

Ryuju and Reichel held a simple ROM ceremony four years ago and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family. After experiencing parenthood, the couple started reminiscing about the pre-wedding shoot that they had missed out on, and decided to make up for that by pursuing their dream wedding anniversary photoshoot – “an artistic photography style with a dark gothic theme as well as a cosplay theme” – with Singapore-based Acapella Photography.

Against an arresting backdrop comprising Norway’s awe-inspiring gothic architecture, Reichel’s doll-like features and sophisticated gowns including a Galia Lahav design from The Proposal provided beautiful contrast. The couple’s dramatic flair for poses also added a cinematic quality to the images.

Here is a photo of Ryuju, Reichel and their baby girl:

How did you meet and fall in love?
We met 12 years ago on a social media platform. He‘s my first love. We’ve been through years and years of ups and downs together. There isn’t a place in my heart for anyone else. He’s the only one.” ~ Reichel

She stood by me at my lowest; gave me the reason to move on when I faced difficulties; and made me complete when I had nothing. I knew then that she had to be the one.” ~ Ryuju

What do you love most about your partner?
Many things. I love that he is mostly calm and easygoing – as opposed to me being emotional and fussy. He has good awareness and knows when I am upset. We have very different personalities and fill up what each other lacks. He is also very supportive in everything that I want to do.” ~ Reichel

I love that she’s this petite, clumsy, silly and weird woman… her flaws, I love as much as her strengths.” ~ Ryuju

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
The dark gothic theme was inspired by the “Vampire Bride” shoot from Korea’s Next Top Model. I’ve always been drawn towards dark visual themes, and this was the perfect opportunity for both of us to indulge in one.” ~ Reichel

Do you have any interesting or favourite moments, memories or special stories to share from the shoot?
There were many fun moments during our shoot, thanks to the company of Joe, our photographer, and Raine, our make-up artist. They were friendly, real and professional at the same time, often going the distance to make the experience fun and comfortable for us. Joe shared that one of the Airbnbs he stayed at during a wedding photo shoot felt like it was straight out of an Exorcist movie. We had a good laugh over that.” ~ Reichel

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning destination pre-wedding shoots?
Choosing a photographer that you are comfortable with and can deliver the style that you are seeking is important.” ~ Reichel

Set a budget, let her know the budget, let her plan, follow the plan, don't spoil the plan, listen to the plan, go with the plan. Happy Wife = Happy Life.” ~ Ryuju


Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us, Ryuju and Reichel!


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Vendor Information
Venues: Bryggen in Bergen; Fantoft Stave Church in Bergen; Lyse Abbey in Bergen; Waterfall in Bergen; Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim
Photography: Acapella Photography
Makeup: Raine Yeo
White Gown: Designed by Galia Lahav, purchased from The Proposal, Singapore
Black Gown: Custom-made by Amanda Lee Weddings
Cosplay Costumes: Costurera Haberdashery