Secret Shooting Spots of Photographers in Singapore - Part 1


Singapore is full of beauty, but because it's also dense and heavily urbanised, it can be difficult to find the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photos. If you're struggling to find a backdrop that speaks to you, who better to ask than the pros? In today's exciting feature, we're thrilled to be able to pick the brains of some of Singapore's top wedding photographers as they share a few of their favourite shooting locations.

Location #1: Spottiswood Park shophouses


Photo by Ivan Tan of Ivan Tan Photography.

Ivan: Spottiswood has quaint shophouses, light traffic, and great coffee nearby which is good for breaks in-between shoots.

Location #2: Changi Beach Park




Photos by Nathan Wu of Nathan Wu Photography.

Nathan: This location is right at the end of Singapore near the ferry terminal that goes to Pulau Ubin. It's a gorgeous morning spot if you like nice clean backgrounds with nothing but the sky and the sea.

Location #3: Hort Park




Photos by Samuel Goh of Samuel Goh Photography.

Samuel: I’m attracted to places that draw the viewer in and have as little resemblance as possible to Singapore. The areas surrounding Hort Park bring a different perspective.




Photos by Ting of Ksana.

Ting: This spot in Hort Park is simply beautiful - quiet, private and personal. I feel very peaceful and comfortable each time I come here. It's relaxing and a hide-away from the usual urban pace of life.




Photos by Nathan Wu of Nathan Wu Photography.

Nathan: Hort Park is a really lovely wedding venue, but there are many little hidden areas all around the park that make for beautiful photos! Canterbury Road is right behind Hort Park and it's just this totally unblocked view of greenery and the setting sun with no buildings in sight, so these two spots can be done together at the same time. I typically like to go there in the late afternoons for sunset shoots.

Location #4: East Coast Park (near Singapore Yacht Club)


Photo by Ivan Tan of Ivan Tan Photography.

Ivan: This is a quiet spot even on weekends - a rarity for East Coast Park. This spot provides lots of shade so it's not as time-sensitive as other locations.

Location #5: Tuas








Photos by Kelvin Koh of Lightedpixels Photography.

Kelvin: One of my favorite locations to shoot. I was first introduced to the area by a groom who was into bird-watching! That was about 5 years ago. Ever since then, I have been back on numerous occasions. I love the golden glow you get at sunset and the lalang magically lights up and gets all golden. It makes for a very surreal and pretty backdrop. It is also really quiet.

5-BlocTuas 1

5-BlocTuas 2

5-BlocTuas 3

Photos by Guan Hui and Sylvia of Bloc Memoire Photography.

Guan Hui and Sylvia: This location is popular for couples who are looking for a warm, summer feel. It is a secluded area which is good for couples who want privacy.




Photos by Alwin and Kai of Trouvé.

Alwin and Kai: It has one of the best unblocked sunset views which lights up the vast field of lalang to golden hues.

Location #6: Changi Boardwalk




Photos by Ting of Ksana.

Ting: I love the combination of water, wood, trees, sand and stones. It feels poetic and the environment itself stirs lots of emotions - I'm very connected to it.

Location #7: Joo Chiat (back alleys)





Photos by Wilson of AndroidsinBoots.

Wilson: Joo Chiat has some of the most beautiful back alleys still around in Singapore. There are mini gardens grown by residents, neighbourhood cats, old bicycles - it is a place which is distinctively Singapore.

Location #8: Bedok Reservoir




Photos by Guan Hui and Sylvia of Bloc Memoire Photography.

Guan Hui and Sylvia: We like this place, especially for wedding days when we have a small window to do a bridal party shoot. It is very convenient. The car park is just nearby so we don't have to spend too much time walking, and certain spots are not too crowded.

Location #9: Marina Bay Sands pier (next to the Louis Vuitton boutique)


Photo by Melvin of Multifolds Photography.

Multifolds: Not many pre-wedding photographers go specifically to this exact spot to shoot couples, but this is one of my favourite spots to show how vibrant our city is.

Location #10: Bukit Timah Railway Tracks


Photo by Ivan Tan of Ivan Tan Photography.

Ivan: The railway tracks provide a good mix of old world Singapore and nature. There's plenty of greenery near the tracks.


We hope you liked this list of amazing shooting spots in Singapore and stay tuned for more breathtaking locations in our upcoming feature, Secret Shooting Spots - Part 2!


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