Secret Shooting Spots of Photographers in Singapore - Part 2


You loved "Secret Shooting Spots of Photographers in Singapore - Part 1", and now we're back with Part 2 of this list of favourite shooting locations of some of Singapore's top wedding photographers! Without further ado, here they are:

Location #11: Marina Barrage




Photos by Alwin and Kai of Trouve.

Alwin and Kai: Here you can get beautiful sunsets with the CBD skyline as a backdrop. When the sun goes down, and the buildings light up, you get to enjoy Singapore's beautiful cityscape. 

Location #12: Fort Canning Park




Photo by Samuel Goh of Samuel Goh Photography.

Samuel: There is always something about the lines of this pathway that creates an emotional touch to the photographs taken there, and it is often quiet as well, which sets couples at ease.

Location #13: Punggol (lallang fields at Punggol Road and Punggol Beach)

14-tammy claire1382

14-tammy claire1464

14-tammy claire1496

14-tammy claire1704

14-tammy claire1855

14-tammy claire2189

14-tammy claire2352

14-tammy claire2368

Photos by Yu Hsin of Tinydot Photography.

Yu Hsin: I like Punggol beach because of its serenity. Not many beachgoers choose Punggol so it’s naturally quiet. The Punggol fields add that soft touch to images, especially when lit by the sun.

Location #14: Tiong Bahru estate




Photos by Samuel Goh of Samuel Goh Photography.

Samuel Goh: Tiong Bahru is the perfect combination of quirkiness nestled in old school shophouses, and there are so many nooks and crannies that make every engagement session fun and unique.

15-wKK 050114 0232y

15-wKK 050114 0347y

15-wKK 050114 0362y

Photos by Kelvin Koh of Lightedpixels Photography.

Kelvin: There is so much to shoot here! Including the market itself. The people there are generally very friendly and colorful. I love all the old coffeeshops too.

Location #15: Seletar North Link

16-AIB 7759 1

16-AIB 7886

16-AIB 8014

16-AIB 8249

Photos by Wilson of AndroidsinBoots.


Wilson: This is currently an area where the forest is cleared for construction. Many people mistake this place for Europe or Australia because there’s a beautiful lake, which is hardly ever found in Singapore. It’s not possible to reach this spot without a car.

Location #16: Mountbatten Playground

17-wKK 220213 0476j

17-wKK 220213 0483u

17-wKK 220213 0527

17-wKK 220213 0559j

Photos by Kelvin Koh of Lightedpixels Photography.

Kelvin: This is an old HDB playground and it’s nestled between four HDB blocks. The estate is old – full of character. It kinda reminds me of my childhood too!

Location #17: The Baba House Singapore

18-XT 060514 0005

18-XT 060514 0011

18-XT 060514 0033

Photos by Ting of Ksana.

Ting: This is the only well-preserved Peranakan house in Singapore. Everything is authentic and you can find adorable details in every corner of the house. The Baba House charges $500/hr.

Location #18: Bukit Timah, near Riders Cafe

19-AIB 7884

19-AIB 8029

Photos by Wilson of AndroidsinBoots.


Wilson: This spot is near the hill which you can see whenever you have brunch at Riders cafe. Walk up the hill to the other side, and you will find beautiful untouched greenery.

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Photos by Nathan Wu of Nathan Wu Photography.

Nathan: It’s really gorgeous in the mornings when the sun rises over the backdrop. If you're lucky, there will be horses grazing in their pens. It’s the only place in Singapore that really makes me feel like I'm not in Singapore.

Location #19: Upper Pierce Reservoir

20-upperpierce 1

20-upperpierce 2

20-upperpierce 3

Photos by Guan Hui and Sylvia of Bloc Memoire Photography.

Guan Hui and Sylvia: This is a great place for couples who want the location to feel like they are overseas. It’s well shaded and a very relaxing place, which makes it easier for the couple to relax in front of the camera.

Location #20: Botanical Gardens




Photos by Alwin and Kai of Trouve.

Alwin and Kai: It has many different scenes all in one central location, from gazebos to tall trees, ponds and beautiful gardens, and so we can get many different varieties of scenes without going far.


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