Shawn and Lowee’s Pre-Wedding Shoot Amidst Bali’s Natural Wonders

Nature-loving Singaporean couple Shawn and Lowee celebrated their love with a stunning pre-wedding photography session at some of Bali’s most beautiful landscapes.

With Mount Batur, an active volcano in Kintamani, and the Tibumana waterfall serving as backdrops, these images captured by Bali-based photographer Iluminen were magically infused with golden light and a dreamy, dramatic aura.

(Fun fact: Lowee is also the founder of Keira Floral, a Singapore-based florist specialising in chic and creative floral arrangements!)

How did both of you meet and fall in love?
“We met when we were in secondary school. We were 16, and by a stroke of luck, our form teacher assigned us to sit together. We became best friends during the months that we were seated together, helping each other with classwork, filling each other's water bottles, giving each other relationship advice etc. We each had our own school crushes back then so we were really just best friends. We graduated from school, dated other people but held each other close to our hearts as confidants. 

About five years later, Shawn’s army friend told him that he should take the courage to tell me how he felt for me. He told him that eventually, it would be a wife that would accompany him through life, not a best friend. Shawn knew that he had to make sure this relationship would work, as the opposite would risk him losing both a best friend and a lover. Over time, his effort and sincerity made me feel that he was the one I want to spend life with.” ~ Lowee

What was the proposal like?
“Shawn proposed when we were in Jeju for a holiday. We hiked up Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak and it was only about 6.30am. When the sunlight gently lit up the oceans that were before us, Shawn whispered, "Marry me?"” ~ Lowee

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
“Despite growing up in a modernised city, we always feel inspired by Mother Nature and its landscapes. We wanted our photoshoot to be relaxed, like an elopement where no one could find us. We could be ourselves, carefree like the flora and fauna on this earth. Hence, even though we were in high heels and dress shoes, we climbed on rocks, soaked our feet in mud and sand, and got ourselves wet in river water.

Standing amidst these natural landscapes also reminded us of how minute we are in this vast world, and how we both looped back in life to be with each other. It is just amazing.” ~ Shawn and Lowee

Do you have any interesting or favourite moments to share from the shoot?
“We are absolutely impressed by the photography team - Iluminen. They had this natural ability to make us feel comfortable and at ease during the photoshoot even though we are quite an awkward pair.” ~ Shawn and Lowee

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning pre-wedding shoots?
“Pack food with you on your pre-wedding photoshoot day! If you are having an overseas shoot, the journey between destinations may be long and you may not have much time to make stops for full meals. Snacks and a huge bottle of water will come in really handy when you get hungry at the most random times during your shoot.” ~ Shawn and Lowee


Congratulations on your engagement Shawn and Lowee, and we wish you a lifetime of love!



Vendor Information
Venues: Kintamani, Tibumana waterfall, and Nyanyi beach in Bali
Photographer: Iluminen
Make-up: Meliamomiji
Floral bouquet: Keira Floral
Silk ribbon: Eirene Artisan