Shi Quan Shi Mei: Natalie and Andrew's Perfect Marriage Proposal

You fell in love with their adorable pre-wedding puppy shoot - now here's the story of their engagement:

Natalie, you know – you inspire me to do things. For 30 years of my life I could never play a single instrument, and here I am playing the saxophone in front of you, my love. Natalie, you are my soul mate, you are my best friend, and you’ll complete my life if you’ll be my wife.

Last October, on 10.10.2016 (十全十美 “perfect”) to be precise, we were honoured to help plan a surprise Singapore proposal close to our TWS hearts – Natalie, our Assistant Editor, got engaged to a wonderful man who proposed with a beautiful tanzanite engagement ring (his birthstone) with a little help from the talented Chere Weddings and Chen Sands Photography.

Be sure to read on to the end for more details, and all the vendors that made this proposal possible.

Also, check out the proposal video interview below, by RekordHaus!

Please tell us a little about your love story. 
“In my mind it was always going to be Natalie...she was The One from day 1! Even though we’re both from Singapore, we first met in Buffalo, 10,000 miles from home. I was there completing my degree and Natalie was doing her exchange. Our first lunch together with a group of friends was a very memorable afternoon for me. Natalie struck me as fun-loving but also shy at the same time – I was completely intrigued with this girl! 

I foolhardily asked her out for a date within a week of our first meeting and while she broke my heart by rejecting me, it only served to strengthen my resolve to know and befriend her. After months of getting to know each other, she finally agreed to go on our first date!” ~ Andrew

“For our first date, we watched a drive-in movie and just laid on our backs in the car and enjoyed the stars in the sky while we talked for hours after the film ended. We remember everything about that night except the movie that we watched!” ~ Natalie 

Andrew, when did you decide to propose and what planning was involved?
“I have been talking about marriage with Natalie since we started dating, although she usually laughs it off nervously. I only knew she was ready 3 years into our relationship when she actually proposed to me on her birthday! I was moved to tears and said ‘yes’. 

She did not know it then but earlier in January 2016, I’d spoken to both our parents and shared with them my wish to get married with Natalie and my impending proposal. I wanted to give her a proposal where she can feel my utmost sincerity and one that she will never forget. I toyed with a few ideas but decided that I would play the saxophone for her because I think it is one of the most beautiful and romantic (plus sexy!) instruments. The only problem is that I am musically handicapped; I couldn't even master the recorder back in primary school. But in my mind that was perfect because I wanted to show Natalie how much she inspires me and how I could accomplish it; it wasn't just something that money could buy. 

I decided to propose on 10th of October 2016 because I like pretty dates and also I wanted to propose to my ‘perfect 10’, or as they say in mandarin - 十全十美. I chose to play Breakfast at Tiffany’s 'Moon River' because it’s significant to us; we watched this movie on Valentine's Day two years ago when The Projector first opened. I chose to propose to Natalie at the rooftop deck of a conserved shophouse serviced apartment. The private space is perfect because Natalie absolutely prefers intimate settings. We were also involved in the setup of this family business together, so having it there made it even more special.”

Natalie, was the proposal a complete surprise or did you have an inkling as to what Andrew was planning? Could you please tell us a little bit about how you felt during the actual proposal?
“I’ve always had cold feet about marriage so when I knew I was ready, I wanted to do something to show Andrew how I feel. I already knew a proposal was going to happen during the year as my dad had let slip that Andrew had asked him for permission. So I thought it would be a good idea to beat him to it *laughs*. Plus I knew Andrew would appreciate being proposed to. Kudos to all the guys and girls out there who choose to propose – even though I’d prepared my speech way beforehand, it was such a nerve-wrecking experience and surely one I’d never forget.

While I was expecting his proposal since the start of the year, I kind of gave up thinking about it after awhile because he did such a good job dropping me hints and convincing me that he wasn’t prepared at all. I always know that Andrew is capable of surprises but this one took the cake! I was utterly flabbergasted when I saw him playing the saxophone. I think he pulled off his surprise too well; I forgot to hug him after he was done with his song because I was just too overwhelmed. I remember trying to get over my shock and telling myself to focus on Andrew and the moment. I listened to every word he said and was very moved by his sincerity. There wasn’t a doubt that my answer would be ‘YES!' And even though I had told him before that my ideal proposal would just be between the two of us, I really loved that the people who mattered were there with us. He pulled off a proposal that was both very ‘me’ and very ‘him’ at the same time, it couldn’t have reflected us and our relationship better, and I will always love him for that.”

Andrew, how do you feel after the proposal and do you have any tips for other couples planning to propose?
“While it is impossible to pull off a perfect proposal, you can definitely propose in a manner that your partner loves and will never forget – it is extremely important to understand your other half and be thoughtful to what she likes and wants! 

It was also extra lovely having Natalie’s colleagues and wonderful industry friends to help make the plan a reality, and truly meaningful for both our family and dearest friends to be there with their blessings and to share in our special day. The entire process of pulling off a proposal is indeed a journey culminating in one life-changing question and answer but you won't regret putting in that commitment to show how much your partner means to you, and to take your relationship to that next new chapter."


Congratulations Andrew and Natalie! You two beautiful and warmhearted souls have found the perfect match in each other. We love you guys and can’t wait to #tangohparty with you this November!


{A big heartfelt thanks to our team of vendors who participated in this proposal!}


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Vendor Information

Styled Shoot
Planning and Co-production: The Wedding Scoop
Concept and Coordination: Chere Weddings
Photography: Chen Sands Photography
Florals: CC Lee Design
Videography: RekordHaus
Stationery: artsnchias
Marquee Letters: 3D Props

Groom's Vendors
Engagement Ring: The Heng’s Jewellery
Ring Box: Amonie
Venue: Triple 2 Studio