TWS Blogger Bride Diary: Mongchin on Her Dream Wedding Gown

If you’ve checked out Singapore influencer Mongchin Yeoh’s (@mongabong) earlier diary entries on her wedding vision and wedding venue and vendors, you’re probably itching to find out what she’ll be wearing as she walks down the aisle. (Hint: It’ll probably be just as gorgeous as the gowns she wore for her pre-wedding shoot in Greece.)

Here, Mong gives us a sneak peek of her dream wedding dresses for her upcoming March wedding to Matthias, and her tips for finding the right gown for other brides-to-be!

Have you found your dream dress (or dresses)?
Mong: Yes, I have been making my dream dresses with Divine Couture. One of the dresses that I’m going to wear is also a dream gown by Berta from Truly Enamoured.

The dress options can be overwhelming! How did you search for your gown(s) and what made you say yes to the dress?
Mong: Being in the fashion industry, I already sort of know what type of dresses fit my body type best. Hence, when picking out the right dress, it was quite easy for me and I just had to communicate the little details to the designer to make it perfect.

Please describe your gown(s). How do they show off your personality and personal style?
Mong: My gowns are classy, dainty and elegant. I really like mermaid cuts so a few of them are tailored in that style. For me, I like pieces that are timeless. I feel that the gowns I have chosen are pretty timeless, elegant and classy and I hope that describes my personality as a whole. *laughs*

Please describe your veil, shoes and accessories.
Mong: For shoes, I am getting them customised according to the different dressses. I have three dresses (one for church and two for dinner) and one cheongsam. I have three pairs of shoes - one for church, one for the cheongsam and one for the dinner. Each of them are different but they’re all classic. Most importantly, they complement my dresses.

For jewellery and accessories, I haven’t actually thought of them yet but I am keeping a lookout.

As for the veil, I’m going for something simple but really long.

Do you have any tips or advice about wedding gowns for other brides-to-be?
Mong: Give yourself ample time to visit a few different bridal shops before deciding. Also, if you decide to make your own dress from scratch, it will take a good few months so do factor in time for that. Otherwise, just enjoy the process!


These dresses look absolutely stunning on you, Mong. We can’t wait to see the final looks!


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