Tay and Evelyn's Homemade Wedding at Fort Canning Park

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For this lovely pair of self-professed nature buffs, having their wedding in such verdant surroundings was a dream come true!

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The Story
Tay and Evelyn met in college in 2007 at freshmen camp and their mutual love for the arts, adventure and nature brought their friendship to the next level.

Each year, the couple does a staycation on either of their birthdays and it was at one of these that Tay popped the question!

“We booked a staycation at Naumi Hotel for my birthday. As Evelyn had another event in the afternoon, I had been waiting in the hotel room the whole afternoon. When Evelyn arrived, she was greeted with a candle-lit path to a dark starlit room, to a couch with a scrapbook. Evelyn thought I had become bored of waiting and that I’d decided to decorate the hotel room, with the free room upgrade we were offered.” ~ Tay

“I flipped through the scrapbook while Tay’s recorded vocals of “I wanna grow old with you” played through the stereo. Tay used his penchant for art to draw pictures of milestones in our relationship. It was a scrapbook we bought when we first got together but which had only been filled up to the first few pages. At the last page of the scrapbook, Tay got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. It was such a surprise for me as I’d thought it would be Tay’s birthday celebration. Up until Tay opened the ring box, I was still wondering if there really was a ring in the box, or if it was all just a prank!” ~ Evelyn

The Wedding
Tay and Evelyn were looking for a venue that could reflect their preference for simplicity and nature, and to fulfill Evelyn’s dream of a garden wedding. They eventually settled for Old Married Soldier’s Quarters (OMSQ) @ Fort Canning Park, as its yard offered ample lush greenery, and thus flexibility to create the set-up and décor from scratch, without any constraints. Most importantly, OMSQ had a fully air-conditioned hut, which would have been a great plan B in case of wet weather!

“To create a vintage and simple atmosphere that would not take the focus of the greenery away, we chose a colour theme comprising neutral shades of gold, peach and white, but with pops of cool mint. To further cement the overall look, we sourced for a ‘bird’s nest’ to bear our wedding rings and a flower crown for Evelyn. In keeping with the colour palette, Evelyn chose a largely white-based bouquet of Cymbidium orchids with green pepper seeds.

We wanted to take a very hands-on approach in planning our wedding. We also thought it would be a good platform for us to use our creative juices and have fun simultaneously, and so we decided to DIY our decorations, with the help of our friends. This included painting “Mr Right” and “Mrs Always Right” on coir mats, “#tayevewedding” direction signage boards and many other small decorative items. Our DIY scope also extended to our wedding favours. We wanted something self-made, unique and practical and decided on glass jars of home-made mixed berries and banana jam, finished with personalized cardboard heart-shaped gift tags.” ~ Tay and Evelyn

Their advice for couples planning their weddings?

“For ladies who wear heels for outdoor weddings, the Solemates heel protector cap comes really handy in preventing heels from sinking into mud or soft grounds.

To add liveliness to your wedding, we suggest playing fun games such as The Shoe Game. The couple sits back-to-back holding one side of their shoe on one hand and their partner’s, on the other. The emcee will ask questions such as, “Who is lazier?” or “Who is the better cook?” etc. and the couple has to answer by raising either their own shoe or their partner’s. Because the couple is seated back facing each other, they cannot tell how the other has answered. Guests participate by dropping the questions they want to ask in the mailbox at the reception.

If you would like to buy your own flowers for decoration, pop by Far East Flora at Thomson Road after 7pm for up to 30% discount.”


Congratulations on your marriage Tay and Evelyn! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!




Vendor information
Photography: Bobby Kiran Photography
Venue: Old Married Soldier’s Quarters (OMSQ) @ Fort Canning Park
Wedding Dress: Miss Selfridge
Videography: Studio F., email address: productionstudiof@gmail.com
Hair and Makeup: Jasmine Tiong
Flowers: FarEastFlora
Tiffany Chairs: Tiffany N Such
Balloons: Inflate - The Balloon Company
Cupcakes: Goobycakes