The Complete Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Favour - Part 1

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We heard your cries, dear Wedding Scoopers, and today we couldn't be more pleased to present the first of a three-part feature that puts together only the best of the best of the world of wedding favours.

So why give out wedding favours? Some would argue that it's far from being a must, after all you've already wined and dined your guests. Some see little point in giving them out, thinking that they are most likely to just get discarded or forgotten after the wedding. Regardless of how elaborate or simple they may be, favours are one of the best ways to show your guests that you appreciate the time they've spent to come down to celebrate your big day with you. However, at the end of the day they are still an additional expense, and couples on a tight budget should by no means feel obligated to hand out favours.

From confectionery delights to footwear, and eco-, budget-friendly and even philanthropic options, we've got everything for you right here and more - so let's jump right in.

1. Wearables
Wearables are especially great for destination or site-specific weddings, because no weather or terrain should hamper the fun your guests should be having at your wedding. Whether it be flip flops and towels for a sandy beach wedding, umbrellas for a hot summer's day, or bow ties and temporary tattoos for just plain fun, you're bound to do no wrong. Wearable items work really well for themed weddings too!

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Pashminas and ballet flats (perfect for dancing!) via The Wedding Scoop

02 01-02

Flip flops (budget-friendly) via The Wedding Scoop

03 01-04

Umbrellas via Style Me Pretty

04 01-07

Temporary tattoo (budget-friendly) via Etsy

05 01-08

Temporary tattoos (budget-friendly) via Green Wedding Shoes

06 01-05

Fans via Style Me Pretty

07 01-09

Pashminas via The Knot

08-09 01-11

Bow ties for him and her via Green Wedding Shoes

10 01-12

Sunglasses and disposable cameras via Style Me Pretty

2. Beverages
Drink-related favours do more than quench thirst - they're a fantastic way to share your favourite bubbly or brew. Bottles of water with custom labels make for a refreshing addition to any wedding that won't burn a hole in your pocket, or you can opt to make a custom concoction (or two!) with cute names like "Blushing Bride" or "Mint To Be" for a celebration your guests won't soon forget.

11 02-02

Colourful cocktails via Style Me Pretty

12 02-01

Wine and chocolate via The Wedding Scoop

13 02-05

DIY hot cocoa mix via Style Me Pretty

14 02-06

Champagne and monogrammed totes via Leslee Mitchell

15 02-08

Personalised coffee bean bags via Brides

16 02-09

Coffee bean bar via Wedding Chicks

17 02-04

Lavender tea via Style Me Pretty

18 02-10

Water (budget-friendly) via Wedding Chicks

19 02-03

Bespoke beer holders via Style Me Pretty

3. Music
Maya Angelou once said that "people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." And what better way to bottle the feels than in the form of song? Burn a copy of your wedding playlist onto a disc or thumb drive for your guests to enjoy for years to come.

20 03-01

Music CDs (budget-friendly) via Wedding Chicks

21 03-02

Music CDs with vinyl record labels (budget-friendly) via Style Me Pretty

22 03-03

Wedding playlist in champagne bottle thumb drives via Bride and Breakfast

4. Handcrafted
Handmade favours ooze heartfelt personality, which probably explains why bespoke soaps and balms are steadily gaining popularity among contemporary couples. Packaging is key here, and a handwritten note or monogram stamp won't go unnoticed, either. Handmade favours can also be a great way to showcase the local craft industry at a destination wedding while giving back to the community.

23 04-06

Handcrafted soaps via Ruffled

24 04-01

Handcrafted orange-scented soaps and lip balms via The Wedding Scoop

25 04-03

Handmade crocheted sea turtle via Style Me Pretty

26 04-04

Calendar handmade by the bride herself via Style Me Pretty

27 04-05

Cross-stitched couple portrait via Something Turquoise

5. Plant life
With the rise of rustic weddings came the rise of succulents and terrariums. Succulents and other plants are a great option because they can easily serve as home decor, and are relatively easy to care for to boot. Recently, we've been seeing a lot more variation in this category of favours; couples have been giving out herbs, seeds, and even flowering plants as a way of saying thank you to their guests.

28 05-02

Potted herbs via The Wedding Scoop

29 05-03

Succulent with calligraphed quote (budget-friendly) via The Wedding Scoop

30 05-04

Seeds in a wheel barrow (budget-friendly) via Brides

31 05-05

Succulents (budget-friendly) via The Knot

32 05-01

Succulents (budget-friendly) via The Wedding Scoop

6. Novelty items
Little trinket favours have been around since time immemorial, but modern couples have put a fresh spin on them by giving out curios that hold a special place in their hearts, or even a symbolic meaning in their relationship. This is another favour that works really well with themed or destination weddings - engraved corks are perfect for vineyard weddings, and compasses or bottled sand are great options for nautical nuptials.

33 06-01

Laced eggs (budget-friendly) via The Wedding Scoop

34 06-03

Golden horseshoes via Style Me Pretty

35 06-04

Golden fortune cookie (a regular fortune cookie is a fun budget-friendly alternative!) via Style Me Pretty

36 06-02

Vintage keys via The Wedding Scoop

37 06-06

Cork keychains via Deer Pearl Flowers

38 06-05

Sand dollars via Style Me Pretty


And that's all we have for today! Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 and Part 3 of our three-part feature on wedding favours on the Blog soon.


{For more wedding favour ideas, visit our "Wedding Favours and Gifts" board on Pinterest.}


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