The Complete Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Favour - Part 2

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Today we're bringing you the second part of our Complete Guide To Picking the Perfect Wedding Favour. In this feature, we'll take you through a series of unique yet practical favours that any guest would love to receive, including great dual-purpose favours for even the most budget-savvy brides and grooms.

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part feature, be sure to check it out here and here.

8. For the gents
To bring out the inner Winston Churchill in the men of your life, consider gifting them with cigars and/or custom matchboxes at your wedding.

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Cigar bar via Style Me Pretty

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Free matchbox printables (budget-friendly) via Minted

42 08-01

Customised matchboxes via The Wedding Scoop

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Cigars via Brides

9. Vessels
The great thing about vessels is that they're probably the most versatile favours out there. Jars and mugs can be used to hold drinks, sweets, and even stationery, while bottles and vials can hold essential oils and pretty blooms.

44 09-02

Mugs via Ruffled

45 09-01

Message-in-a-bottle via The Wedding Scoop

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Plastic vending capsules with sweets (budget-friendly) via Shop Sweet Lulu

47 09-06

Mugs via Green Wedding Shoes

48 09-05

Handmade ceramic vases via Ruffled

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Glass jars (budget-friendly) via East Lynn Farm

10. Practical items 
Some say that the best wedding favours are the kinds that your guests will be able to reuse, over and over again. From tote bags that can hold a simple welcome kit for destination weddings, to bottle openers, luggage tags and embroidered handkerchiefs - even hangover kits! - you're pretty much guaranteed to get the full mileage out of these practical favours.

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Customised luggage tags via The Wedding Scoop

52 10-02

Blankets via Bridal Musings

53 10-01

Blankets via Wedding Chicks

54 10-07

Hangover kit via Etsy

55 10-06

Customised tote bags via Style Me Pretty

56 10-04

Bottle openers via Style Me Pretty

57 10-05

Coasters via Style Me Pretty

58 10-08

Embroidered handkerchieves via Ruffled

12. Unique escort cards
Every wedding has a seating plan, so instead of having all your guests' names printed on paper, why not have unique escort cards that your guests can take home as well? Escort cards can come in a multitude of shapes and forms, but to get you started, here are a few ideas we've scrounged together.

59 12-02

Glass boxes via Style Me Pretty

60 12-01

Compasses via Style Me Pretty

61 12-06

Miniature paintings (budget-friendly) via Project Wedding

62 12-07

Dreamcatchers via Popsugar

63 12-08

Arrows via Ruffled

64 12-04

Seeds (budget-friendly) via Style Me Pretty

65 12-05

Sea glass place cards via Intimate Weddings

66 12-03

Miniature lawn chairs via Style Me Pretty

67 12-09

Teacups via Style Me Pretty

13. Confetti
These wedding favours are not the kind your guest will be able to take home with them, but they sure are great for making every guest feel like a part of your wedding. Confetti are not restricted to the small, colourful bits of paper we all know and love; you can opt to give out flower petals, seeds, or even sparklers to get your guests in an extra festive mood.

68 13-03

Confetti (budget-friendly) via Style Me Pretty

69 13-02

Flowers (budget-friendly) via Style Me Pretty

70 13-04

Star-shaped confetti (budget-friendly) via Michelle Edgemont

71 13-01

Heart-shaped sparklers (budget-friendly - the matchboxes can double as favours, too!) via 17 Apart

72 13-05

Bubbles via One Wed

14. Donations
Giving a lump sum donation in lieu of wedding favours is a gesture that is both practical and heartwarming. Should you choose to do this, we suggest putting a small sign on each table indicating your intentions, or give thank you cards that tell your guests more about your charitable institution of choice

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Customised signgage via Etsy

74 14-02

Table signage via Pinterest

15. Lottery tickets
Lottery tickets and scratch cards are the ideal wedding favour in more ways than one: they're compact, low cost, and a lot of fun. Be sure to add a personal touch with custom envelopes, like in this easy DIY tutorial by Evermine Weddings.

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Lottery tickets (budget-friendly) via Evermine Weddings


And that's all we have for today! Keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 of our three-part feature on wedding favours on the Blog soon.


{For more wedding favour ideas, visit our "Wedding Favours and Gifts" board on Pinterest.}


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