The King and Queen of Crime: Every Gotham Villain’s Dream Wedding

When last we heard of the Joker (Marcus) and his villainous vixen Harley Quinn (Ann), they’d escaped Arkham to hold a pre-wedding shoot on the gritty rooftops of Singapore.

Today we’re featuring the nefarious duo’s nuptials at Amara Singapore, which included Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Talia al Ghul, and Bane paving the way for reigning king and queen of crime’s grand entrance, and photographed by Smittenpixels Photography.

Watch this short film of the couple’s wedding day captured by Linstudios:

What was your theme and colour palette?
“Choosing the theme for our wedding was a no-brainer. I’m a huge fan of our parallel DC universe. Yeah, I started out worshipping the Bats, but that’s over! So over. He has no sense of humour and all he does is just sulk and spoil our good times. We figured there was no better way to celebrate than to round up our villainous friends for a party. We geared up to unsettle Gotham; you should have seen their faces! We decorated mostly with our favourite colours – red, black, and purple. Bats wasn’t invited to our wedding, but his girlfriends were, obviously! We taunted him for his failed relationships at our honeymoon, though.” ~ Ann

Did you undertake any DIY projects?
“Most of our decorations, from the little details to the evening gown, were custom-made or made by ourselves!

1. One of our proudest works was my mallet! Puddin’ and I specially crafted it with cardboard, styrofoam support, felt, and PVC tube. With a little help from Zatanna, we transmogrified it to make a perfectly-sized mallet with the best weight to do the most damage.
2. We also made Riddler a new gadgety cane, and gave our crime buddies some new gear for the party.
3. All the weapons including the bombs and dynamite at our pre-wedding shoot were made by ourselves with our favourite concoctions. I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt…or were they? But don’t worry!
4. I have an obsession with those little versions of ourselves called the Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines because they are so cute! I DIY-ed our reception and solemnisation table by putting some sweet centerpieces together with Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines and fairy lights!
5. We also DIY-ed our chair decorations with some comic book speech bubbles to liven up the solemnisation venue and make it less serious.|
6. Another one of our proudest works was my two-piece evening gown, lovingly designed for me by my ever talented Puddin’, and custom-made by Belle Couture. Yes, I requested for it to be made as a 2-piece gown with a top and a skirt. It’s perfect!
7. The photo overlay for our photo booth was also designed by me specially for the guests, and the photo booth props were customised by the vendor to suit our theme.

8. My wedding shoes, bouquet, corsage, bag, and “Mr and Mrs” tabletop decor were all custom-made with comic book pages that tell our love story. It’s all in the details.
9. We also had a customised dessert table and Kit-Kat labels which served as wedding favours for the guests, apart from the ones provided by Amara Hotel.”
~ Ann

Do you have any other stories you’d like to share with us?
“Don't miss the ending to my same-day edit video which will reveal a snippet of my ploy! Nothing is what it seems, even for a wedding; I hope you'll enjoy the evil twist! 

I am rather apologetic that my friends terrorised the guests at our wedding (no, I’m really not.) Bane did make quite an entrance. So did we! It was crazy fun marching in, in a gorgeous gown made just for me, with my Puddin’, to wicked awesome music (“Purple Lamborghini – Skrillex & Rick Ross”)! I’m glad our WWE-esque march-in was just as entertaining to the guests as it was to us! What a night!” ~ Ann

Any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms to-be?
“Why so serious? Just have fun! Chill out, have a blast, make it your day, your kind of fun. Your wedding is the beginning of a brand new phase, so make it a good start. Do what you love, and make it a memorable day for the both of you.

I had the best experience with my wedding vendors, and have just one word of advice: chemistry. It is of utmost importance when you meet up with the photographer, videographer, bridal boutique, makeup artist and other vendors. Great chemistry goes a long way, it keeps you having fun the whole day and enhances the whole experience, before and after the wedding.” ~ Ann


Congratulations on your marriage, Marcus and Ann! May it be every bit as exciting as your wedding!


Vendor Information
Number of Guests: 330
Venue: Amara Singapore
Photography: Fiona and Daniel, Smittenpixels Photography
Wedding Gowns: Bridal Affairs Singapore (white gown) and Belle Couture (Harley Quinn-inspired gown)
Bride’s Shoes: Custom made by Pegstar Designs
Groom’s Suits: Friendship Tailor (grey suit) and Taobao with alterations by Belle Couture (Joker-inspired suit)
Hair and Makeup: Autelier Makeup (day look by Jasmine Liang and evening look by Jenny Goh)
Décor: Amara Singapore, Pegstar Designs (“Mr and Mrs” comic book letter display) and DIY-ed by the bride and groom
Wedding Bouquet: Bridal Affairs Singapore
Cake and Dessert Table: The Delights Heaven
Photo Booth: Pink Men Prints
Videography: Linstudios