The Nutcracker: Paolo Sebastian's 2018-2019 Autumn/Winter Collection

I want my designs to capture the imagination and allow people to dream.” ~ Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian

The Paolo Sebastian Autumn/Winter 2018-19 couture collection draws upon Tchaikovsky’s enchanting ballet The Nutcracker and his vibrant and iconic tunes are brought to life through breathtaking dresses and gowns which have danced their way into our hearts.

PSAW1913 – Tulle ballerina dress with carousel embroidery

PSAW1912 – Embroidered floral gown

A word from Paolo Sebastian:
Inspired by the works of Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, the Paolo Sebastian Autumn/Winter 2018-19 couture collection holds true to the label’s essence; the creation of a grand narrative through meticulously crafted couture.

Drawing upon the composer’s acclaimed masterpiece, The Nutcracker, the iconic scores are brought to life through delicate embroideries illustrating the dreamlike realms of the tale, from the Kingdom of the Dolls to the Land of the Flowers, and all realms in-between.

Textures of opulent wool cashmere, French tulle and silk chiffon in tones of glacier blue, sugar plum, frost white and garnet are adorned with intricate hand-sewn snowflakes, floral motifs, and delicate crystal embellishments, evoking a sense of enchantment and melodrama synonymous with the composer’s works.

Signature silhouettes of illusion necklines and sweeping ball gowns are juxtaposed by structured military inspired tailoring, mirroring the strength and bravery of the fearless heroine.

Standout pieces include a ballerina dress with custom carousel embroidery, a Sophie Hallette Chantilly lace tiered gown referencing the realms and an Uncle Drosselmeier inspired cashmere coat with metallic thread-work, demonstrating designer Paul Vasileff’s attention to detail and craftsmanship in his seventeenth collection.

PSAW1901 – Merino wool jacket with metallic thread-work embroidery

PSAW1902 – Cashmere cropped jacket with metallic thread-work embroidery

PSAW1903 – Silk chiffon tea- length dress with bow detail

PSAW1904 – Tulle mini-dress with corded embroidery

PSAW1905 – Wool cashmere trapeze coat with metallic thread-work embroidery

PSAW1906 – Hail-spot tulle caped gown

PSAW1907 – Cashmere coat with metallic thread scene embroidery

PSAW1908 – Corseted cashmere gown

PSAW1909 – Hail-spot tulle ballerina dress

PSAW1910 – Tulle tea-length dress with crystal beadwork

PSAW1911 – Embroidered floral ballerina dress with tulle trapeze shirt

PSAW1912 – Embroidered floral gown

PSAW1914 – Draped silk chiffon gown

PSAW1915 – Embroidered tiered ballerina dress

PSAW1916 – Beaded scene tiered pencil skirt with tulle shirt

PSAW1917 – Beaded scene tiered gown

PSAW1918 – Tulle ballerina dress with floral beadwork

PSAW1919 – Beaded hail-spot tulle gown with corset detailing

PSAW1920 – Tulle gown with asymmetrical overskirt and illusion neckline

PSAW1921 – Sheer ballgown with crinoline banding and scattered crystal beadwork

PSAW1922 – Tulle caped dress with snowflake beadwork

PSAW1923 – Caped gown with three-dimensional floral embroidery

PSAW1925 – Ruffle ballgown with corset detailing

PSAW1926 – Ruffle ballgown with beaded detailing


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