The Perfect Time to Adopt a Dog: Portraits of Couples and Their Rescued Fur Kids

Gerard and Lynn, with their dog Spotty from Exclusively Mongrels

If you’re on The Wedding Scoop, you’re probably at a point in your life where you’re experiencing major changes. You may be moving into your own place, taking on your first mortgage, and – together with your new spouse, becoming your own family unit. If you’re not ready for kids yet, you may want to consider a pet as an alternative, and there’s no better place to start than with man’s best friend.

Sadly, there are many dogs that are abandoned every year…but with good homes, a bit of time, and lots of TLC from loving owners, they’ll do what all dogs are famous for – showering their new families with unconditional love and affection.

We’re proud to have worked with Antelope Studios, and Singapore animal welfare charities Causes for Animals, and Exclusively Mongrels, to bring you this beautiful set of portraits of stray dogs and touching stories from the couples who rescued them – because we believe that it’s possible to give back, not just through your wedding, but through your marriage or relationship too.


Gerard and Lynn, with their dog Spotty from Exclusively Mongrels

Our 14-year old schnauzer passed away. We were grieving, and our other schnauzer was so depressed it stopped eating. One day we saw a live feed from a dog adoption drive and decided to take a look. It was our first time at an adoption drive. When we saw Spotty, he was alone and didn't want to play with other dogs. He kept avoiding people. At that point we hadn’t thought of getting a dog, but we were attracted by his calm and gentle nature, and he could also be a companion for our schnauzer. The next day we brought him home.


Ferry and Linda, with their dog Fitch from Exclusively Mongrels

"I always wanted a dog, since I was young. When Linda and I were dating, she was actually afraid of dogs. To help her with her fear of dogs, I brought Linda to volunteer at one of the dog shelters. Up to that point she had never actually interacted with dogs before. She realised what she had been missing out on!

A few years after that, Linda and I got married and started attending adoption drives, looking for a fur kid to call our own. One day, we saw a post on Facebook about Fitch. Seeing how handsome he was in the photos piqued our interest. We made an appointment to visit him and to our surprise, Fitch is actually more handsome in person! I still remember how I adored his goofy face and his big paws the first time we met.

The homestay was a breeze. Fitch immediately adopted us as his humans. We signed the adoption papers and since then he’s officially been a part of our family. Oh, and Linda probably loves Fitch more than I do now.


Elaine and her husband, with their dog Kimi from Exclusively Mongrels

We were in touch with Exclusively Mongrels for a few weeks, during which time we asked them for detailed information about the fostering and adoption process.

We gave a little list to Exclusively Mongrel about our requirements, which were: male dog; ideally not older than 3 years old; and good with animals and children. One Saturday we received a call from Sharon, one of their volunteers, who advised that she had a fit for us and told us about the dog, his history and his personality.

At first we were surprised by Kimi’s tall size, but were quickly smitten with his sweet laid-back personality and handsome looks! He was already walking perfectly on the leash, and was grass trained as well. We were originally fostering Kimi until we quickly realized (after 2 weeks) that we were afraid of letting him go at the next adoption drive. We were already too in-love with him and couldn't bear imagining our lives without him anymore!

We subsequently adopted him on October 1st 2016, and decided this would be his birthday. Since then, Kimi has grown increasingly closer to us, to our absolute delight. We hope he can finally feel safe and loved in his forever home.


Christopher and Yiwei, with their dog Luna from Exclusively Mongrels

I chanced upon Luna’s adoption posting on Exclusively Mongrel’s Facebook page. Back then, her name was Ella. I immediately had an instant connection with her. I showed my husband Chris her picture and he also took an instant liking to her.

We went to her fosterer’s home to see her within 2 days and were surprised that she had such a calm and sweet nature, and we both felt that we should go for a home trial. The next evening, Luna came over and the rest is history.

Within the week, we confirmed with Exclusively Mongrels that we wanted to adopt Luna, and we welcomed our newest family member that Christmas. Both of our immediate and extended families sing nothing but praises of her when they come over. She’s the sweetest dog ever!

Singapore Specials are often misunderstood and labelled as aggressive and dangerous. On the contrary, Singapore Specials are actually a resilient breed that is sweet and loyal. We hope that more people will be able to look past pedigree and embrace these lovely companions for who they are. When you adopt, you give them a second chance at life!


Kannan and Valli, with their dog Abimanyu from Exclusively Mongrels

Each day is perfect mix of love, play and affection. We wake up to Abi’s loving and playful jumps and bowing, then go for a morning walk before we head to work. Then of course we spy on Abi via the IP camera we have at home. All he does is sleep – what a perfect life he has! Evenings are spent in the park or at outdoor cafes. Weekends are great for dog runs.

Why adopt? Why not adopt, actually. Why shop if you can adopt a loving rescued Singapore Special?


Marcus and Christine, with their dogs Bobbie and QQ from Causes for Animals

We took Bobbie in after getting our own place. She has since been with us for four years.

A year ago, we fostered QQ in the hopes of eventually having her adopted out. She went on a home stay and got lost on a walk and the adopter couldn't find her. We rushed down and eventually found her. She joined us that day permanently and we haven't looked back since.

We truly believe that there are always people and animals who deserve a break in life, and we truly feel that rescue animals all long for a home and lots of love. We have tons of love to give, and the loyalty and love we receive in return is immeasurable. We also do not support the cruelty of puppy mills and we strongly believe that only when the buying stops will the vicious cycle of puppy mills end.


Michael and Paloma, with their dog Apollo from Causes for Animals

Both of us were raised with dogs and consider them part of the family. When we moved to Singapore this year, we thought it was time! We happened to watch a wonderful video of Apollo posted by Causes for Animals and fell in love with him! His goofy spirit, sweet eyes and funny character sounded like everything we were looking for! Causes for Animals made things extremely easy and pleasant for us – we went to see Apollo the next day and he was at home with us two days later for a home stay trial. We haven't separated since!

These dogs are needy and most likely will have no future if they don't find a family. They haven't come to this world in the best conditions and, depending on their age and character, may have some life scars, but they are just tremendously grateful and warm when they find a family who embraces them.

We love Apollo to bits, and the mere thought of him being in the street alone breaks our hearts! We are very happy with the decision we made. Thanks, Causes for Animals!


Joe and Rue, with their dogs Apache and Perdy from Causes for Animals

We adopted Apache as a puppy and loved him from the minute we saw him at the shelter, he was a cheeky little thing and very friendly towards us, even coming to see us off when we left.

We brought him home and the poor boy was terrified, hiding in the bed we had made for his full first night, but that was it. On the second day all that changed, he was the king of the apartment, everything was his toy, everywhere was his bed, and every bit of food was his to eat, but we loved that he was so comfortable so fast. He grew and grew and grew in our hearts, as well as in size, and it got to a point where we decided he needed a friend. This is where Perdy came into our lives.

Causes for Animals sent us a video of Perdy and we fell in love with her straight away, she looked like and played like Apache and we thought she would be a great companion.

However, this was not the case at first. Apache got very jealous, he wouldn’t share toys, food or even water with the poor girl, and Perdy was skittish and scared. But we persisted, and Perdy was very tolerant towards Apache’s jealousy, and eventually they became best friends. Now they are so close they actually look for each other during walks if one gets ahead or behind, and Apache even shares his treats with her.

The best thing we ever did was adopt dogs and the support we have had from Causes for Animals has been amazing. There are so many beautiful, loving and caring dogs just waiting for a home and a loving family. Go to the rescue centers and adoption drives and see for yourself.


Danny and Janice, with their dog Gracie from Causes for Animals

My wife and I love dogs but did not grow up with them. After we got married, we began looking at dogs. We both wanted to adopt rather than buy a puppy from a pet shop because there are benefits – they are cheaper to maintain, healthier, and less prone to hereditary illnesses. We also read that adopted dogs tend to be more grateful and less spoilt, and finally we liked the idea that we were helping to save a life, or two – because when a dog is adopted, the shelter is able to take in another stray. 

Gracie caught my wife's eye because she looks so gentle. We contacted Causes for Animals and were disappointed that she was currently in home-stay, which meant she was quite likely to be adopted.

We spent the next 2 weeks looking around for other dogs, but Gracie was still the one my wife wanted. One weekend while I was at work, my wife called and told me to quickly get to Buona Vista to see Gracie, as she was there at a Causes for Animals road show. After rushing down and taking a look at her, we decided on the spot to adopt her and signed the required paperwork.


TK and Charlotte, with their dogs Star and Belle from Causes for Animals

We first saw Belle at an adoption drive. Belle was quite cute and took an instant liking to Charlotte. After reading her description ("I love eating, which explains my little belly!"; "I love to snooze!") we knew she would be the perfect dog for us and adopted her a month later!

After 10 months with Belle, TK came across a very goofy looking dog (Star) on one of Causes for Animals’ Facebook ads. Despite Star being 6 times smaller than we imagined, and missing all her teeth(!), we instantly knew we wanted to add her to our family. She is now a permanent fixture on our sofa and a strong competitor for Belle's food!”


Why adopt?
There are so many reasons why you should consider adopting. Here’s a short list:

  • It’s cheaper than buying one.
  • It gives strays a second lease on life.
  • Stray dogs are often mongrels. Mongrels are genetically diverse and tend to be less susceptible to genetic diseases than purebreds, which are inbred.
  • An adopted dog, like all dogs, is capable of showering you with unconditional love and affection once it trusts you.


We hope you enjoyed the touching stories and adorable photos of these lovely dogs, and that you consider adopting your next pet! Are you a newlywed couple settling into your own home? We encourage you to think about starting your new phase of life by adopting or fostering a Singapore Special or donating to Causes for Animals and Exclusively Mongrels! #adoptdontshop


{Our hearty thanks goes out to Antelope Studios, Causes for Animals, Exclusively Mongrels, and all the couples and their adorable fur kids, who contributed their time and effort to this meaningful cause!}



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