The Wedding Scoop's Favourite Photos of 2017 from Marklin, Jay, and Chris of Lightedpixels Pixies

Over the past 7 years, Singapore photographers Lightedpixels Pixies have been providing couples with beautiful pre-wedding, overseas, and actual day wedding photography at an accessible price point. While their lineup has changed over the years, the Pixies continue to uphold the Lightedpixels brand of quality and aesthetics under the mentorship of Lightedpixels founder and award-winning photographer Kelvin Koh.

We selected our 8 favourite photos from Marklin, Jay, and Chris of Lightedpixels Pixies, and asked them to tell us a little more about each photo.

Marklin’s love (and eye) for landscape photography shines through his photos. We love that so many of his couples are set against stunning backdrops, creating dramatic images that preserve truly unique moments for posterity.

Marklin: Swan braved the cold, up between the mountains in just her red gown, together with Han Qin who was actually tremendously afraid of the cold! The wind was pretty strong, as witnessed from her flying gown, but both of them did great!

Marklin: The blanket of stars you see here is not photoshopped in! The night sky in New Zealand is nothing short of jaw-dropping, so it will always be memorable for the couple to be able to bring home one of New Zealand’s night scenes with them in it.

Marklin: Images always turn out well with a waterfall as the backdrop! The fun part about shooting right next to a waterfall is that everyone gets wet and it is a happy experience! Coupled with strong sunlight, you might be able to get mist and sometimes a rainbow on the waterfall!

Marklin: I like how the sky meets the water on the horizon, which gives people the impression that this was shot somewhere far away! I actually received that comment a few times in the past, but the commenters were rather impressed when I told them this was actually shot in Bali!

Marklin: Santorini is full of epic locations to shoot against the romantic evening sunset, but we decided to wander out and explore so we could shoot something different – this being it! Both Glenn & Michelle were very spontaneous, and we bagged a lot of good shots!

Marklin: I love how Candice was so jovial during our pregnancy shoot, about a week before Caleb popped out! Caleb recently turned two months old and I just shot him again!

Marklin: This is Weiting and her girls right before she changed into her wedding gown! It always brings me joy when the subjects I'm shooting respond to me while generating natural emotions!

Marklin: This was shot at the epic landscapes of Skye, Scotland. The weather there was erratic and mostly gloomy, so imagine our excitement when we finally saw some good light!


We love that most of Jay’s photos have a lot of cultural context. Traditional attire and a variety of backdrops tell tales of local beliefs, cultural practices, and even stories of migration – coupled, of course, with the universal joy and excitement that every couple getting married experiences.

Jay: With the earth beneath their bare feet, she leaned on him, aligning with the rhythm of his heartbeat and the assuring calm of this majestic pagoda.

Jay: What is majestic externally is met with an equal amount of detail reflecting the era of Buddhism inscribed into the walls. Donned in traditional Burmese longyi and pasoh, they showcased the richness of Burmese culture.

Jay: Complementing the weathered brick colours of these ancient gates, the couple strolled through the garden with sunlight streaming through their traditional handmade waxed umbrella.

Jay: A precious moment of this couple enjoying some private time out in the fields.

Jay: Off a quaint town in Launceston, Tasmania, everything seemed to pause to witness their embrace.

Jay: An off-beaten track in Tamar Valley, Tasmania, we had the beautiful autumn colours contrasting the couple’s traditional Indian ethnic attire. Autumn leaves fell as they locked in embrace.

Jay: Beloved Collective’s “Moment Design” techniques brought this couple through a journey of self-discovery. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, I say that the smiles are the windows to their hearts.

Jay: This bride is from the elusive Shan state of Myanmar, as reflected in the bright colours and design of her traditional Shan-style Burmese dress. The couple strolled through the ancient relics of the world's largest book in Kuthodaw Pagoda, Mandalay.


We love how Chris’s photos bring out the personalities of his subjects – whether they’re bridesmaids having a laugh at struggling groomsmen, a close-knit family sharing in the bittersweet feeling of having a child leave the nest, or revealing the couple as a bad-boy biker and rebel ballerina, each photo makes us feel like we know a little bit about the people in them.

Chris: It's one of the coolest shots I’ve ever done, partly because it’s different from the usual pre-wedding photos that we usually encounter.

Chris: This was taken at Arashiyama. The autumn colours were beautiful. It’s a simple and subtle shot of the couple against a beautiful backdrop.

Chris: This was right before Jenson (the groom) arrived and how Fiona's bridesmaids couldn't bear to see her leave.

Chris: I love this shot of Vanessa and her parents right before the veiling. It's never easy saying goodbye and I often have to hold back my emotions as well.

Chris: This was taken during the gatecrash of Clarene and Tom’s wedding. It was a really hilarious gatecrash and all the groomsmen were really trying their very best to rise to the challenges, much to the amusement of the bridesmaids.

Chris: A light-hearted and candid moment during our pre-wedding shoot. I had no idea that I had taken this photo and discovered it during editing. I realised the passer-by was the groom’s sister trying to get out of the shot. I had accidentally taken the shot with her smiling as she ran off.

Chris: This is one of those very beautiful shots that I never get bored of. It's what motivates me to chase the light with my couples.

Chris: This was captured during Bryan and Yang’s surprise proposal. It was one of those shoots where most of the photos looked beautiful with both of them running around and laughing hand in hand.


Thanks Marklin, Jay, and Chris!


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