The Wedding Scoop’s Wedding Planning Schedule - Twelve Months or Earlier to Wedding

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Without a doubt, you will have lots of information to keep track of as you plan your big day. We designed this wedding checklist to be by your side throughout this process. As you plan, you’ll probably find that some points on the schedule work better for you than others, or you may hit milestones a little earlier or later than what we have set out - so change it up and do what makes sense for your own wedding.


Twelve Months or Earlier to Wedding

  • Find out who pays for the wedding, come up with a budget, and work out what you want to prioritise spending on
  • Come up with a vision* for what you want your wedding to look and feel like and find wedding inspiration! Get started by checking out some colours on our colour chart
  • Identify what you don’t want – this will help you eliminate distractions and stay focused on what’s important
  • Create a guest list
  • Identify a few possible dates for your wedding before approaching your favourite venues and vendors
  • Begin researching, meeting with and booking solemnisation and reception venues, and vendors such as photographers/videographers and planners/stylists. Keep in mind that these vendors tend to get booked out very quickly so try and book them as early as possible to get your ideal dates
  • Research ethnic customs or cultural traditions you plan to incorporate into your wedding
  • Start trying wedding gowns, veils, shoes and accessories
  • Begin looking at wedding invitation and stationery styles, or start designing your own
  • Choose wedding party and inform them
  • Consider pre-marital counselling to help prepare you for a long and blissful marriage


* A wedding vision is an overview of your wedding. How do you imagine your wedding? How do you want people to feel about your wedding? Do you want it formal or relaxed? Traditional or edgy? How do you envision your gown, décor, and venue? What sort of food do you want to feed your guests?


If you need ideas to develop your wedding vision, browse our Pinterest boards, or visit The Wedding Scoop for beautiful inspiration!


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