This Couple’s Unique Outdoor Garden Wedding in Singapore Boasted the Most Breathtaking Views

A chance encounter at an ice-skating rink in England led to a blossoming romance between Matthew, a U.K. native, and Tiffany, a Singaporean. Their nuptials at scenic wedding venue Faber Peak, Singapore celebrated the best of both cultures in a gorgeous garden setting reminiscent of an English summer.

With an intimate invite list of only 67 guests, Matthew and Tiffany’s solemnisation took place at Faber Peak’s expansive garden, complete with breathtaking views, towering Angsana trees and a Bell of Happiness arch that couples could ring together after tying the knot.

Their dinner reception was held indoors at Faber Peak’s Private Dining Room, which featured glass walls on every side framed by graceful hiba wood arcs, so guests could dine on creative fusion fare in air-conditioned comfort while enjoying the stunning view all around.

In all, Matthew and Tiffany spent SGD$20,000 for their wedding day, which included the cost of the garden solemnisation, dinner banquet and drinks. Keep reading to find out more about their love story, why they chose to hold their wedding at Faber Peak and what they loved about the venue!  

What do you love most about your partner?
“He makes me laugh every day since the day we met.” ~ Tiffany

“Tiffany has a big heart, full of compassion, affection and humour. She’s perfect.” ~ Matthew

How did Matthew propose?
I was back in England for my convocation and my family was with me. We were in a long-distance relationship then as I had returned to Singapore. For old times’ sake, we decided to go for an ice-skating session at the rink we used to frequent.

What I did not know was that he had asked my parents for my hand in marriage. While we were ice-skating on the rink (and I was struggling with moving around as I had not skated in a long time) everything went dark and a spotlight suddenly shone on us. I did not suspect anything at first as I had thought it was disco night and I was very focused on not falling. Then the music played; it was a particular cover of “Thousand Years” which we liked and he stopped skating. As I looked up, away from focusing on my feet, our eyes met and he said, “Don’t laugh if I fall”. Then he went down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was so surprised. It took me a few seconds before I recovered, took off my glove and said, “Yes!”” ~ Tiffany

How did you go about researching a wedding venue, and what made you decide on Faber Peak?
“It was quite easy for us as we wanted an outdoor venue with a dinner banquet facility, somewhere with a scenic view and close to nature. We googled and stumbled upon Faber Peak’s website. It was amazing when we both pointed out this venue of our choice during one of our video calls, as we had done our research separately due to the time difference and not being together physically.

We loved the images presented, and when we visited the venue itself (Matthew was on the video call), we were totally in love with it. The weather was beautiful with the natural foliage surrounding the venue and the sun setting in the background. We knew we had to have our wedding there, and it was the first and last venue we visited.” ~ Tiffany

What was your wedding’s theme/style/colour palette?  
“For the solemnisation, we wanted a garden aesthetic along the lines of an outdoor, summer wedding in England, so we settled on a floral theme with a pastel colour palette. We invited our guests to put on fascinators, as is common at weddings in the U.K., and were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm for this request.

We also wanted both cultures to be incorporated in our wedding. For example, we wanted Chinese cuisine in a Western dining setting; Chinese yum sengs and Western toasts with wedding speeches during our wedding banquet; and a first dance after photos with every table. We even brought traditional sweets from England for our guests, representing the Chinese phrase “tian tian mi mi” (sweet blissful marriage). ~ Matthew and Tiffany

How did you decorate your venue?
“Faber Peak as a venue is already beautiful to start with. The garden solemnisation area is amazing and it even has a flower arch with a “Bell of Happiness”.

Faber Peak provided pretty Tiffany chairs and tables decorated with sky blue sashes and flowers. They even provided fresh petal confetti for the march-out. All we had to do was to hang “bride” and “groom” signs on the chairs as well as prepare a reception table and a customised wedding signage board.

The Private Dining Room was nicely set up. We were lucky as my younger sister Coco, a budding architect, is talented in arts and handicrafts. Almost all of our decorations were customised and handmade by her.

We included a memorial table with photos of our late grandparents, who we wished could have been with us on our special day.

We wanted the wedding to be intimate, so we had individual nameplates on each table. Each table was also named after a significant place in our relationship with short narratives to tell our story, rather than given a number.” ~ Matthew and Tiffany

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for and why?
“We chose to use Faber Peak bells provided by Faber Peak because they signified the “Bell of Happiness”, and we thought it would be a memorable token of the wonderful location we had. Also, the guests could write on the bells and tie them at Faber Peak if they wanted, and we thought that that was a fun way to celebrate love!” ~ Matthew and Tiffany

Describe your experience with Faber Peak.
“The experience was brilliant for both us and our guests. Our wedding coordinator, Mae, was very helpful. She made our wedding planning as stress-free as possible. The venue has breathtaking views, and our guests had great fun taking photos as they were all dressed up for the occasion.

The food was also amazing and we had a lot of good feedback from our guests. Many shared that it was the best wedding dinner banquet they had, as it was a fusion cuisine which was interestingly presented and the individually plated portions were generous.” ~ Matthew and Tiffany

Any venue tips or advice the couple has for other brides and grooms-to-be?
“It is important to visit the venue before committing to any deals or contracts. Seeing Faber Peak in person is what sold it for us. Also, how you feel about the person you are liaising with is important. Their staff were very responsive and reliable, even before we signed anything. That made a good impression so we engaged them as we felt comfortable.” ~ Matthew and Tiffany


Congratulations on your cross-cultural marriage, Matthew and Tiffany! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Venue: Faber Peak
Photography: Charlie of Digio Bridal


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