Till Death Do Us Part: A Rock ’n Roll Styled Shoot

It’s not everyday you see a true rock n’ roll bride, so we're excited to be featuring this beautifully unconventional styled shoot! Styled by The Joy Troopers at The Coastal Settlement, together with Joy de Vi Photography, Red String Video Co.Makeup Maestro WeddingMeadows & Clouds and The Gown Connoisseur, this alternative, edgy take on weddings unabashedly celebrates the romanticism of love and death in 80’s rock music.

See the short film captured by Red String Video Co. below...

A word from Hanzhi of The Joy Troopers…
“When Makeup Maestro Wedding first approached me with an 80’s theme in mind, I thought it would be great to create something fresh for an alternative bride. ‘Rock and Roll’ may not be the most popular culture in Asian countries, but it definitely struck a chord with some of us.” 

On styling, props and stationery…
“The team was inspired by bands like Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and White Lion. Song lyrics and slogans were incorporated into the styling of the entire setup, from the invitations to the hand painted banners and signage.

‘Love is Rock: Live Fast, Die Old’ was the essence of the styled shoot. Together, Love, Death and Rock symbolise an everlasting love powered by music. In Asian countries, dark colours like black may be seen as taboo in marriages, but we decided to celebrate the use of it in this styled shoot. We love till our last breath, till death do us part. It may sound peculiar to think of this in relation to weddings, but isn’t it romantic in its own way? Taking a closer look at our stationery designs will probably send chills down your spine, but some of you may find yourselves appreciating its romantic twist.” 

On hair and makeup… 
“We wanted to reveal the cool, strong, playful, fun and feminine sides of a rocker bride, and we definitely didn’t hold back on the sexiness. The Mohawk-inspired pleated bun of the first look presented a bride that exudes strong character and confidence. By smartly letting her hair down, and adding a red headband and bold touch of sequins on her face, she is immediately transformed and ready to party the night away. 

All these details were inspired by rock singers of our time, and carefully curated and recreated by Jas and Valda from Makeup Maestro Wedding in a modern and contemporary style.”

On the floral bouquet and centerpieces…
“We all love rustic themes and blush hues, but we can’t deny our love for mysterious, deep colours as well. When Shu Min from Meadows & Clouds was tasked to create floral arrangements for this rock ’n roll styled shoot, she instantly knew that the arrangements had to have a character of their own - something different, something less conventional. She chose a deep purple and red palette, and the flowers complemented the props on set perfectly.”

On the gowns…
“The leather jacket was a must. A soft, flowy A-line dress with Chantilly lace details was chosen by Michelle from The Gown Connoisseur to contrast with the chic leather jacket and give the bride a more feminine look. We absolutely love the bold contrast and pairing of soft tulle and leather. A statement chain necklace, medley of arm candies, and a black satin belt completed the rock ’n roll look we were trying to achieve. 

For the second look, Michelle paired the satin mermaid dress with a vintage polka dot tulle bolero. The button details on the back added a touch of elegance to the look. Together with the headband, it also added a fun little twist to our rock ’n roll bride.”

On the photography…
“To capture the essence of the 80’s while adding a touch of modernity, Louis from Joy de Vi had to be very aware of the style and colours used for this styled shoot. Because he was born in the 90’s, Louis wasn’t too familiar with the rock music of the 80’s, so he turned to online references and gave us his interpretation that era.

It was challenging trying to achieve the retro look yet remain relevant in today’s contemporary world. He tweaked his colours to mimic the look of film photography - the final look is slightly grainy with a just a hint of sepia. 

Louis is a great photographer to be around; he guides his models/couples to engage with each other as he captures the mood of the scene. He feels that it is important for his subjects to feel comfortable around him in order for him to capture their natural selves and emotions.”

On the videography…
“Wedding videos are often produced depicting the story of a couple in love. How does one craft a video around a styled shoot?

Why Keen from Red String Video Co. said, ‘It was a 2-hour story jam for me; I worked with what I had on the spot. We had a beautiful 'bride', a nice vintage-looking venue, and a couple of talented vendors who all brought the 80’s rock chick to life!'  Why Keen added that ‘the team gave me the creative freedom to shoot something fun, and most importantly, it was a love story for the ages.’"


It's always a joy to share the work of the members of our local creative community with our readers! Thank you for never failing to inspire us.



Vendor Information
Venue: The Coastal Settlement
Photography: Joy de Vi
Wedding Dresses: The Gown Connoisseur 
Hair and Makeup: Makeup Maestro Wedding
Styling, Props and Stationery: The Joy Troopers
Flowers: Meadows & Clouds
Videography: Red String Video Co.