Tips on How to Style Engagement Shoot Photos

Aside from all the practical reasons for having an engagement session (using it as an opportunity to get to know and get comfy with your wedding photographer, trialling your hair and makeup, using the images for a Save the Date card etc.), engagement photos are just the most beautiful way to mark the beginning of your love and life together as a couple and will serve as heartwarming reminders that will last a lifetime.

For all our newly engaged couples, if you're wondering what to wear and what type of props you should use for your engagement photos, we're delighted to share four essential tips from talented photographer, Stephanie Williams of This Modern Romance, today. Take it away Stephanie…

1. Props
Adding props into you photos can be a fun way to provide some personal insight into a relationship. When used simply, and in moderation, props can add an engaging element to your shoot through additional storytelling and thematic cohesion. Think of props as an element of design used to bring the shoot together, by tying together a theme and/or complimenting the story of your love. Your photographer or blogs like this one are often a great resource to direct you to prop rental companies. There are different types of props that can be used during an engagement photography shoot. Personal props generally have special significance (like a family heirloom) or reflect the couple’s lives together, like a vintage car or Vespa scooter. Creative or cute props are used with the intention of adding whimsy and flair to the shoot. For instance, a large colorful balloon or handmade banner adds a pop of color and a graphic element. Finally, location-based props, like a rowboat on a lake, come with your chosen location.

2. Storyboarding
Storyboarding is a tool often used in filmmaking, which also works really well when planning out an editorial session that has a certain intended flow to the story. A storyboard is a layout of the various shots you want to get throughout shooting, from beginning to end. Creating a storyboard does more than just help you plan your session, it stimulates your inventive mind, nurturing new ideas, colors, and direction.

3. Mood Boards
If you’re looking to capture your lifestyle in your shoot, consider creating a mood board. Mood boards are generally a collage created out of related colors, images, and textures as a design palette. If you’re creating a mood board for inspiration, try starting with an image that is central to your relationship or your chosen theme and build from there. Pinterest is an excellent tool to create a moodboard and share it with your vendors, so they can give you feedback or suggestions and get a good idea of the style you are going for.

4. Wardrobe + Styling
One of the first questions couples ask their photographers is “What should we wear?” Keep in mind that many photographers aren’t stylists. Stylists are a wonderful resource that you can collaborate with to come up with the perfect wardrobe for your shoot. If these kinds of services are too pricey, companies like J. Crew and Nordstrom (or Topshop in Singapore) offer free personal shoppers to help pick out clothing that flatters your shape and complements each other. Besides looking through inspiration on blogs and photographer’s websites, Pinterest (you can tell I love Pinterest!) is also an amazing resource, and you can get lots of inspirational images by typing in search words like ‘engagement outfits’ or ‘what to wear for an engagement.’ Shooting in a few different outfits allows you to have lots of options when buying/framing prints for your walls or lots of visual interest when creating an album of your session afterwards. But most importantly, make sure your clothes represent who you are.

{Some tricks of the trade: Taking eye drops one hour before the shoot to take the red out of your eyes, always get your hair and make-up professionally done – you’ll look and feel fabulous! Try to stay with a certain color palette or scheme with your props and wardrobe, avoid tiny or busy prints and ultra thin lines since they tend not to photograph well, have lots of fun, be playful, and relax and let your photographer guide you!}


We would like to say a huge thank you to Stephanie for sharing such handy information with us today! If you have your own engagement photo tips or plans to share Wedding Scoopers, please drop us a note in the comment section below, we'd love to hear from you!


{For more inspiration, follow our Engagement Shoot board on Pinterest!}




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Photography: Stephanie Williams, This Modern Romance