Top 10 Wedding Cake Creators in Malaysia - Part 2

You will be spoilt for choice after seeing what we have in store for you in the second half of our Top 10 Wedding Cake Creators in Malaysia. We've been impressed by the intricate detailing and artistry that goes into making the beautiful cakes in this feature, and we have no doubt that you will be too. And just in case you missed out on part one, click here.

6. MJ Cakes
Another self-taught baker, Fong Meng Jo started his journey to cake artistry almost a decade ago when he decided to study interior design, ultimately applying his diverse skill set to cake decorating. His traditional art background has given him the unique ability to manipulate colour, texture and structure in a way that makes his cakes both highly realistic and out-of-the-box, yet delicate and tasteful.







7. Sugar
Sugar, previously known as Love-A-Cupcake, started as a small, home-based business specialising in the creation of customised novelty cakes. Realising that taking up sugar art as a hobby was not easy, Ween Nee created Sugar, a place where everyone can pick up baking ingredients, specialty tools, and learn the craft of sugar art making - while still being able to order the specialty custom cakes that Love-A-Cupcake was known for.

43a-Ween Nee - Sugar b

Photo via Sunnysan Photography


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A collaboration with I Love Cakes / Photo by Nic Chung Photography


A collaboration with I Love Cakes / Photo by Nic Chung Photography


A collaboration with I Love Cakes / Photo by Nic Chung Photography

45a-Ween Nee - Sugar

A collaboration with I Love Cakes / Photo by Wayne Teo Photography

8. Shaun Teo Creations
After completing a basic hospitality management and baking technology course in Taiwan's Ming Chuan University and finding his first job as a hotel pastry chef, Shaun Teo decided to strike out on his own and set up Shaun Teo Creations. To this day, his passion for baking continues to grow as he applies his unique brand of creativity to his work.






9. Miss Shortcakes
Jessica Ting pursued her dream of becoming a chef after working as a copyrighter in the advertising industry until 1998. Starting off as a pastry chef in Sydney, she took a few night courses in cake decorating and was hooked. From there, she got a job as a junior cake decorator and eventually set up Miss Shortcakes in 2008, thus named because she created the best strawberry shortcakes in her pastry team. Jessica finally moved back to Malaysia in 2011, and spends her days creating cakes for her high profile clientele.




Photo by Mint Events & Soirees


10. Sugartag
Anis and Fasihah met in high school and started Sugartag after completing their studies in culinary arts at Taylor's University. Specialising in creating beautiful couture cakes for weddings and events, they incorporate both delicate sugar flower bouquets and hand painted elements into their designs. Apart from cakes, they also provide an experiential bespoke fine dining service, aptly named FINE by Sugartag. In the coming months, Anis and Fasihah will be launching their website and moving into a new studio where they will be able to provide a more personalised service to soon-to-be married couples.



58-Sugar Tag




Photos of Sugartag cakes by Muhd Nur Hanif


And that rounds out our top 10. We hope you find this useful! See part one of this feature here.


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