Unique Wedding Backdrop Ideas - Part 1


Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.

Here at The Wedding Scoop, we believe that there is no better way to say 'I do' than in front of an incredible backdrop. It personalises a wedding, adds an wonderful focal point for the ceremony and makes for perfect photo ops. Everybody wins! If you were inspired by our previous Top 10 Wedding Backdrops for Photo Booths, Dessert Tables and Ceremonies feature, you will love these 12 new, refreshingly breathtaking ideas for every couple looking to walk down that aisle. 

1. Draped Materials
The unpolished finish of seemingly haphazardly draped fabric holds an undeniably bohemian charm. The key here is to always drape in excess - when in doubt, bring on the fabric! 


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Photo via Wedding Chicks.

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Photo from Eugene and Pearlyn's engagement session via The Wedding Scoop. Check out the bride's Tulle garland tutorial to create one of your very own.


Photo via Green Wedding Shoes


Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.

2. Doors
Just as the eyes are the windows to the human soul, doors signify a new beginning for every couple. Refurbished old doors work best to give off that down to earth, rustic charm. You can opt to use them to flank the bride and groom, or as a more traditional backdrop.

02 01

Photo via The Very Last Detail.

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Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.

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Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

3. Chandeliers
Bring the opulence of a ballroom outdoors with suspended chandeliers. 


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Photo via Green Wedding Shoes.

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Photo from Dinesh and Janani's wedding via The Wedding Scoop.


Photo from Justin and Davinia's wedding via The Wedding Scoop

4. Chalkboards
Chalkboards are a great way to create a custom backdrop. Your options are quite literally endless: the charming typography, intricate illustrations and music notes featured below are just the tip of the iceberg.

04 01

Photo from Elgin and Kai's wedding via The Wedding Scoop.

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Photo via Bloem Hill.

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Photo via Every Last Detail.


Photo from Ernest and Jo Ann's wedding via The Wedding Scoop

5. Frames, Windows and Mirrors
A curated selection of mismatched frames, windows and/or mirrors are ideal for rustic weddings. Paint them all the same colour or mix and match metallic frames to add serious oomph to your big day.

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Photo from Samuel and Brenda's wedding via The WeddingScoop

6. Geometric Details
Couples looking to add a more contemporary flair to their wedding might take to these lovely geometric decorations. Step up your wedding game with these crisp, minimalist statement makers.

06 01

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