Unique and Alternative Bridal Bouquets Your Wedding Florist Wishes You Would Ask For

You’ve read our wildly popular feature on most-requested bridal bouquets. Now Jo of Floral Magic shares 7 unique and alternative wedding bouquet styles she wishes more brides would ask her for. Take it away, Jo!

Flower free
Jo: We like being challenged this way; “Look, Ma – no flowers!” We've used our own pot cuttings, and even cuttings you bring us from your home!

Jo: Whether it's your grandmother's cascading bouquet that you'd like us to update, or you want a spanking new sprawling piece, this is our favourite to do even if our fingers hurt after wiring.

Wide and sprawling
Jo: These bouquets allow us to make use of the natural curves and movement of flowers to create interesting shapes, with texture and depth.

Jo: Despite living in the tropics, our brides seem to stay well away from this theme, which makes us itch for bigger leaves and showier blooms.

En masse
Jo: When it comes to the most important day of your life, it's easy to fall into the more-is-more trap. That's why we never underestimate the beauty of using the same flower en masse.

Deep jewel tones
Jo: Whites, pastels, blush – we've probably done 500 different iterations of these. Give us some dark, richly-hued jewel tones and mysterious colours!

White and green
Jo: We term this "clean and green”, because white and green elements always feel pure, fresh, and natural!


Thank you for sharing these lesser-known but no less beautiful bouquet styles, Jo. We’re sure they’ll inspire brides to try something a little different for their weddings!


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