Weiliang and Priscilla’s Minimalist Singapore Wedding at CHIJMES

“I had stepped fresh out of the shower in my PJs when Weiliang popped the question in the quaint Rothenburg Lodge. I knew I had to say yes to the man who could want to spend the rest of his life with me in my most unadorned state.” ~ Priscilla

Reminiscent of their visit to a little-known beach during one of their favourite holidays in New South Wales, Australia, Weiliang and Priscilla picked muted shades of blues for their coastal-themed ceremony at Bethesda Chapel. To keep their reception dinner at CHIJMES distinctive while reducing wastage, the bride and her bridesmaids took to using items they already owned, DIY projects and reusing decorations to enhance the venue, as shown in these captures by Knotties Frame.

How did you meet?
We met playing basketball, and had some cheeky friends who thought it was a good idea to set us up together!” ~ Weiliang and Priscilla

How did Weiliang propose?
It was a quiet affair in Taiwan with two of our closest friends. I had stepped fresh out of the shower in my PJs when Weiliang popped the question in the quaint Rothenburg Lodge. I knew I had to say yes to the man who could want to spend the rest of his life with me in my most unadorned state.” ~ Priscilla

What was your theme and colour palette?
For our church ceremony, we picked muted blues as it reminded us of one of our favourite holidays in NSW, Australia. We didn’t have much of an itinerary and chose to visit many of the lesser-known beaches. When we went to visit Bongangar Beach, we had the beach all to ourselves and it was a humbling experience to soak in the lovely sun rays and be so close to the vast ocean. We are quiet by nature and enjoy long walks together. These moments remind us of our relationship – serene, pensive and uncomplicated. How something so simple can bring our hearts so much joy also bears testament to our faith and demonstrates the blessings of God.

Our florist, Liz, did a wonderful job of reflecting the subtle and understated look we were going for. We absolutely adored how the ombre blue orchid bouquet came together – it was minimalist but lively. She also nailed the brief for the floral arch – where we requested for a bare look making use of branches and leaves to pull the coastal look together even though we were in a church sanctuary.

As for our reception at CHIJMES, we wanted a colour palette that would represent the warmth and joy of the evening celebrations. Marsala and red seemed like good choices as they blended beautifully with the setting sun when we were having our cocktail reception in the evening and set nicely against the Gothic stained glass of the building. We have always loved the architecture of CHIJMES and we really wanted our décor to accentuate its features. Red was also symbolic of the two of us coming together and moving on to the next stage of our lives with confidence. For this segment, we used roses and candles to play up the traditional and enchanting accent.” ~ Weiliang and Priscilla

How did you decorate your venues and did you undertake any DIY projects?
My bridesmaids took full charge of the decorations, and our entire table setup consisted of items which we already owned or would make use of in our own homes. We spent two afternoons spray painting old liqueur bottles a stunning rose gold. As we had a split day wedding, we wanted the décor to be distinct but not wasteful. My bridesmaids did a clever swap using candles and different flowers for a nifty day-to-night transition. My buddy, Claris, also designed our stunning invites.” ~ Priscilla

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for, and why?
We are very much known as the no-frills couple, and hence there could be no better wedding favour than our favourite old school pandan chiffon cake from Love Confectionery. This is a gem of a vintage bakery, and the sweet uncle lovingly added ribbons on each of the cake boxes upon learning that the orders were for our wedding.” ~ Weiliang and Priscilla

Do you have any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms-to-be?
Our philosophy was to share what we love (in this case, music) and keep our guests well-fed. Those were our top priorities! Though unconventional, we also went through the planning phase by spending within our means without any expectations on cost recovery. We strongly believe that ang paos and wedding gifts are blessings rather than obligations so no one should be expected to fund our wedding. This meant forgoing bespoke gowns, alcohol and fancy wedding setups but we are very proud of what we managed to achieve with our set budget. We love that our guests were happy and enjoyed the day with us.

Also, recycle if possible and keep the setup light! We were glad we didn’t have huge boxes of decorations to lug home after the wedding and kept waste minimal.” ~ Weiliang and Priscilla

Any tips or advice on what you think makes a strong marriage?
For us, it is to keep Christ in the centre of our lives! It also helps that we carve out protected time for each other, communicate our likes and dislikes openly, and accept that we are both flawed, but trying. Lastly, having a cute dog helps! We walk our dog together every day if we can, and this gives us much-needed time to decompress and enjoy each other’s company.” ~ Weiliang and Priscilla


Congratulations on your marriage, Weiliang and Priscilla! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Number of Guests: 400 (holy matrimony in church) and 210 (dinner at CHIJMES)
Venue: Bethseda Chapel and CHIJMES Hall
Photography: Knotties Frame
Bride’s Wedding Dresses: France Paris Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: PrettyFIT
Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bridesmaids' own
Groom’s Outfits: Coupé-cousu
Groom’s Shoes: Loake
Groomsmen’s Outfits: Coupé-cousu
Hair and Makeup: 27A Co
Décor: DIY
Flowers: Liz Florals (church setup and bouquet at CHIJMES) and Elite Flora (CHIJMES setup)
Stationery/Paper Goods: DIY
Wedding Favours: Love Confectionery (pandan chiffon cakes)
Cake: Goobycakes
Catering: Manna Pot Catering (holy matrimony in church) and Tung Lok (dinner at CHIJMES)
Planning/Styling: DIY
Entertainment: The Wedding Music Company
Videography: Cepheus Chan Photography