Winter Proposal Beneath the Northern Lights: Winfrid and Kristina


Get ready to go on an arctic adventure with the dancing lights of the Aurora and snow-capped hills of Tromsø, Norway, forming the backdrop for Winfrid and Kristina’s surprise proposal snapped by photographer Gaute. If these don’t put you in the mood for a warm, fuzzy Christmas, we don’t know what will!












Please tell us a little more about how you met and the proposal!
“We met at Sentosa; he was my senior in a management trainee programme we were in. We were chummy but it was not romantic in any way. When he left the company, we got closer after attending Chinese lessons together and sparks flew from then. We stayed pretty near to each other and he would take public transport to classes so that I would send him home afterwards. He told me this only after we started dating, of course.

We spent 2 days a week together at our night classes and started hanging out more from there. Our proposal story was a pretty sweet one. Basically he knew that I wanted the proposal to be overseas, with just the 2 of us (without the pressure of friends staring, etc.). We had planned a trip to Norway in December and started planning it in July.

In August when we went for another holiday, he somehow decided he wanted to marry me. So in September, he got our friend, who was previously in the diamond business, to design a sapphire ring for me. It was a secret but apparently all my friends knew about it. Closer to the Norway trip, he arranged some tours to see the northern lights and being a photographer himself, booked a private tour with a renown photographer to ‘teach’ him how to take pictures of the northern lights. They were in cahoots and the moment the lights came on, he sprung into action and started his speech, got on one knee and popped the question!” ~ Kristina



Thank you for sharing your proposal with us, Winfrid and Kristina, and warmest congratulations on your engagement and upcoming nuptials!



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Photography: Gaute, Kodiak Photography, and Winfrid