Yao Hui and Chengcheng’s Elegant Hydrangea-Inspired Wedding


Sweetly elegant with a slight vintage feel is how we would describe Yao Hui and Chengcheng’s nuptials at The White Rabbit, planned by Chere Weddings and snapped by Mindy Tan. Topped off with an irresistible wedding cake decorated with a sprinkling of delicate hydrangea sugar flowers by Crummb and you have a celebration which oozes effortless chic!






















































How did you meet? 
“We were both Chinese students studying in the UK back then. Our universities were only a half hour drive away from each other. We visited each other’s schools and cities quite often, but we never realised that our future partners were just around the corner. One summer, Yao Hui and my high school classmate underwent the same internship. When they started to chat, my friend found out Yao Hui was studying in the UK and mentioned me. He added me on a social network, and we became friends online but never met in person. One year later during summer, both of us went back to China for a holiday. We decided to have dinner together. He was so nice and good looking and I guess he felt the same way about me… so we started dating.” ~ Chengcheng

What was the proposal like?
“Everything happened naturally. We decided to get married in our fifth year together. We actually chose the engagement ring together and there was no official proposal before we decided to get married. In the summer before our wedding, we decided to go back to the UK to visit the place we had once lived, the streets we had walked and the views we had enjoyed. My husband did a humorous proposal using a souvenir shop ring at the lands’ end of south-west England, implying that the two of us will be together until the end.” ~ Chengcheng

What was your theme, style and colour palette?
“Our wedding was a traditional western-style wedding in an old chapel converted into a restaurant. We love nature, so we decided to do the solemnization in the outdoor garden. Dinner was at the stunning dining hall. The after-party was also held at the outdoor garden. Our wedding design was developed from a pink/purple hydrangea. All the stationary and decor had this symbol. Our color theme was pink and purple, surrounded by white and green.”
~ Chengcheng

How did you decorate your venue?
“We just came up with the theme, everything else was developed and executed by our wonderful wedding planner, Chere, and florist, Floral Magic.” ~ Chengcheng

What sort of wedding favours did you opt for, and why?
“Our wedding favors include a small bottle of candy with our initials, a pack of Bagua meat and a photo frame. Candy: The reason to have candy is because it’s a must at a Chinese wedding. But we noticed that the younger generation is not a big fun of wedding candy, so we only did a small bottle. Bagua meat: Most of my guests flew from China to Singapore. Hence, we decided to treat them with a signature Singapore local delight. Photo Frame: We had an instant photographer at our wedding. In our own experience, photos we took at weddings usually ended up in one of our drawers and were eventually lost. Hence, we decided to provide a photo frame as well. Guest can choose their favourite picture to place at home and share the memory and happiness a lot longer.”
~ Chengcheng

Do you have any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms to-be?

“1. Engage a wedding planner Both of us are foreigners, and we only had 3 months to plan the wedding. Hence, we decided to engage a wedding planner. We really suggest working with a wedding planner as it really helped us to keep up with the schedule. Moreover, they helped to ensure that our personal belongings were returned in the same condition when all the guests were having fun during the after party. A dream wedding is so important, especially to the bride. Hence, a lot of brides want to be heavily involved and decide on every little detail. However, there is always not enough time. Towards the end. the bride might be under a lot of pressure, and then decide to look for additional help. So why not start from the beginning and hire a planner from the outset?

2. Taobao To save costs, we used Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website. You can find almost everything on it. But it also requires a sharp eye to spot quality products. Do not be depressed if you are not satisfied with the one you chose, you can still try a few others since the price is really affordable.

3. Invest in a notebook Although we all have smart phones to take notes nowadays, we still suggest investing in a notebook to record every inspiration and planning detail. You can keep it as an interesting memento after the wedding.

4. Prepare for imperfections Although we planned and planned, unexpected things will always happen. Please be prepared to laugh if off. Do not let it get in the way of your day. In my case, our wedding car went to the venue without picking me up from the hotel. By the time, we reached the venue, we were left with no time to do our pre-wedding shoot and video interview. So we decided to skip all of these and went to change to prepare for the solemnisation. The solemnisation started on time and everything went smoothly afterwards. We both enjoyed the wedding.

5. Engage several photographers and videographers During our wedding, we were very busy juggling roles as hosts and so on. Hence, we did not have a lot of time to enjoy all the details we planned. Hence, we feel that a full recording of the day will be the treasure of a lifetime.” ~ Chengcheng


Congratulations on your marriage, Yao Hui and Chengcheng! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
No. of Guests: 52
Venue: The White Rabbit
Photography: Mindy Tan Photography
Wedding Dresses: Pronovias, Dang Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Outfits: Tessuti
Groom’s Shoes: Ermenegildo Zegna
Jewellery: De Beers, Van Cleef & Arpels
Hair & Makeup: The Make Up Room
Flowers: Floral Magic
Wedding Planning: Chere: Weddings and Parties
Wedding Favours: Umbra photo frame and ba gua meat
Wedding Cake: Crummb
Stationery: Montblanc
Entertainment: Sparkle Live Music
Car Rental: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Instant Photography: Livemoments
Videography: Ichiro Films