A Sweet Garden Proposal from Clement to Fay

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We have another fabulous proposal story for you today Wedding Scoopers and this one took place in a beautiful garden setting!

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The Story 
Clement and Fay met in 2008 while they were both taking the bar course. They were “set up" by a mutual friend and after being introduced, bonded over their common love for sports and music. Falling in love was a gradual process for the couple but fall in love they certainly did over the course of their five year relationship. 

The Proposal
Clement knew he wanted his proposal to be very special and enlisted the assistance of proposal planner, HelpYouMarry, to plan it.

“Clement spent weeks painstakingly crafting his sweet garden proposal to Fay. He wanted to create a proposal that was all about them and their relationship. Knowing that she loves flowers and gardens very much, he decided to use that as his main theme for her. Every step of her walk through the garden proposal was designed to bring back sweet and significant memories of their five years together and culminated in Clement’s popping of the question.
When Fay arrived at White Rabbit with her friends, she was surprised by a child “host" (she loves kids) who welcomed and led her through “The Rabbit Hole”. Waiting for her were 3 memory spots that Clement planned for Fay to walk through. 
At the first spot, Clement prepared a box full of items which were memories from their first date: a "Batman" movie poster, a cupcake, a cup from the Dome café and a photo taken on that very day 5 years ago. A cue card guided Fay to the second memory spot, where Clement prepared a scrapbook of ticket stubs of every single movie they had watched together. At the final spot, a CD was waiting for Fay with its own lyric booklet and customized CD label. The CD contained all the important and memorable songs that formed their shared memories. Clement spent nights trawling through all their MSN chats, messages and emails to choose the most appropriate and memorable songs for her. 
Arriving at the final spot of the proposal, Fay took time to admire the beautiful set-up and flowers. Amidst the photos of them throughout the years, she also found a key to unlock the box holding the final message asking her to turn around…and there was Clement, beautiful bouquet and ring in hand. As she broke into a big smile, Clement went on bended knee and proposed to her!” ~ Jennifer, HelpYouMarry

Fay’s response to Clement’s romantic proposal?

“The proposal was a complete surprise! I always thought that it would be a small and private affair as Clement is rather shy. So for him to have planned such an elaborate affair to express his love for me was a very pleasant surprise. I was awe struck by the sheer beauty of the set-up and very touched by the little details that I never thought he remembered about our early dating years. To be honest, the proposal was a bit of a blur because I was just so shocked. I couldn't quite sleep that night and even the night after as I just kept replaying the entire event in my head!” ~ Fay


Congratulations on your engagement Clement and Fay and we wish you all the very best in the lead up to your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Venue: The White Rabbit
Planner: Jennifer, HelpYouMarry
Photography and Videography: Isaac Koh and Minghui, HelpYouMarry
Flowers: Regina Mae Fleurs Atelier