A Vintage Garden Wedding at The White Rabbit: Julien + Theora


Julien and Theora celebrated their nuptials with an intimate vintage garden themed wedding at The White Rabbit. Photographed by Yu Hsin of Tinydot Photography, the venue was an explosion of vibrant lavenders, lilacs, greens and oranges. And if that doesn’t make your heart melt, the adorable snaps of the couple’s lovely children are guaranteed to; we couldn’t help but squeal at the sight of young Corentin and Leo as charming little ‘flower boys’!







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How did you meet?
“We met on a breezy afternoon in a quiet bar on Tofo Beach, Mozambique. I was at the bar happily looking through the photos I took of the elusive whale sharks while Julien was sitting in a corner with his friend, nursing a headache after his dive. Julien was visiting Tofo for a week during his 12-month work stint in Mozambique, while I was on the fifth day of my 10-day diving trip in Tofo. We hung around for the rest of my trip, partying and playing the guitar at the bonfire on the beach, and when we parted ways we kept in touch until Julien came over to Singapore in 2009.” ~ Theora

How did he propose?
“He didn’t. We decided to have kids while we were backpacking in Lake Toba, Medan, Indonesia in 2009, and only tied the knot 5 years later, with our two lovely children Corentin and Leo as our flower boys. We sort of informally proposed to each other when we had our first pregnancy scan.” ~ Theora

What was the theme of your wedding?
“The wedding planning was a challenge with our kids, work and a 6-month long schedule to keep. Julien and I are both hands-on perfectionists, so we decided to do it ourselves, from the planning and sourcing to the decorating. We’re truly thankful for friends and colleagues for all their advice and help.

As Julien is originally from the lovely Provence, lavender and lilac were the primary colours in our palette. We decided on a vintage garden theme with bright October autumn colours; the colour palette included lilac, orange, light pink and wisteria, with flowers that consisted of sunny melon dahlia, fresh apple green leaves, romantic lilacs and pink roses.

The various handmade vintage crochets were my idea; I thought that they give a warm, homey feel, regardless of geography, and they reminded us of the crochets that were placed on top of the early monochrome televisions in the late 70’s. Each invitation card was hand wrapped with a crochet lace doily, a subtle charming reflection of the lace bridal gown. Most of the invites were personally delivered with a lilac rose in a petite vase.

At the wedding, the mason jars, handmade vintage guestbook and floral posies added to the vintage 80’s feel, along with the homemade jams, makeshift flower pots and cute scribbles in little notebooks. ‘Xi’, the Chinese character for double happiness on felt coasters lent a hint of my Asian heritage. We had a lot of fun with our guests at our DIY photo booth made with ribbons, hand held vintage chalk boards and masks.

So where was the party? The White Rabbit was no doubt the ideal venue, being a quaint little church serving excellent cuisine where we’ve celebrated family birthdays in the past. It was the natural choice for our intimate gathering of 30 odd people for our wedding lunch.” ~ Theora

What do you think makes a strong marriage?
“Live your days out with joy, and communicate and compromise during the tough times. Regardless of the disagreements you may have during the day, just remember to end each one with kisses and laughter.” ~ Theora


Congratulations on your marriage, Julien and Theora! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!


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Vendor Information
Photography: Yu Hsin, Tinydot Photography
Venue and Catering: The White Rabbit
Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Jewellery: David’s Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Cleo Chang Makeup and Hair
Groom’s Outfit: Raoul
Groom’s Shoes: Converse
Flowers: Floral Magic
Cake: Twelve Cupcakes
Wedding Guestbook: Handmade by the bride
Wedding Favours: Eco-friendly multi-use natural cotton tote bags with various chocolates and sweets, as well as vintage crochets and mason jars from Etsy and posies from Floral Magic.
Car Rental: 1972 Baywindow Tiffany Blue Volkswagen Camper Van from Volkswedding