Edwin and Anseina's Pastel Perfection Wedding at the Armenian Church of Singapore

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Edwin and Anseina envisioned a wedding that would be simple, warm and elegant. The extremely creative duo put personal touches to almost every element of their celebration with the bride going so far as to design and make her own wedding dresses. Just an incredibly unique and beautiful union! 


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How did you meet?

“We met in Singapore, in an architecture firm where we worked in the same team and sat side-by-side for two and a half years!”

Are there any special stories relating to your wedding that you would like to share?

“Our overall wedding concept was personalised to express both our personalities and passions. We both love to design and sketch and so we designed almost every single element of our wedding. The groom, my husband, loves to sketch buildings and I, the bride, love fashion design. So we had our invitation cards, stationery, and wedding favours feature his sketches of the Armenian church and my sketches of the bride and groom in our wedding attire.

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of designing my own wedding dress. For our wedding, I put all my effort and all my heart into designing not just one dress but four dresses! For the holy matrimony dress, I created an intricate customised pattern which was converted into beautiful embroidery and embellishment in the wedding gown. I had a perfect gown for our garden party, a more glamorous dress for our dinner reception, and of course, a cheongsam dress for the tea ceremony.

Coming from architecture backgrounds, we are so blessed to be surrounded by creative friends who were very helpful in making our dream wedding a reality. From catering to decorations, they were all carefully planned and designed. We even had the sweetest dessert corner. The newly established Singapore wedding planner, Ring of Blessing, was very professional in organising the overall concept of the wedding and bringing life to our wedding with the very engaging emcee and live entertainment.

We always wanted to have a simple, warm and elegant wedding that will last in our memories forever and, I am very glad to say that we did!”


Congratulations on your marriage Edwin and Anseina! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!





Vendor Information
Photography: Rafael, Elikon Picture (based in Jakarta)
Venue: Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator Singapore
Wedding Dresses: Made by the bride
Flowers and Decor: By the bridesmaids and friends of the couple
Wedding Planning: Ring of Blessing
Dessert Table: D4Dessert
Hair and Makeup: Jengky Jason
Catering: Chilli Api Catering
Wedding Rings: Love & Co.
Emcees: Erlyn Karmelia & Nico Krisna
Videography: Ocean Thrills