Eugene and Roana's Underwater Engagement Session

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Fans of America's Next Top Model will certainly appreciate the complexities involved in organising an underwater photo shoot and we love that this daring couple was up for the challenge! Expertly shot by Redd Bullets, there is just something hauntingly beautiful about being captured beneath the water's surface...

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How did you meet?
"We met during a film shoot. She was the talent and I was the film director for that particular project. It sounds kind of wrong and quite unprofessional if you were to just read the first two lines but I didn't approach her during the course of the shoot. However, I'd started to like her then.

After the shoot, all I could think of was her and all I would talk about was her...cheesy I know but that's exactly what happened and a good friend encouraged me to look for her on Facebook and so I did. I messaged her on Facebook.

And that's how we began our wonderful relationship." ~ Eugene

How did you propose?
"Roana still gives me grief over this! (laughs) She claims that I did not propose. In my defense, I brought her to pick out a ring at a jeweller and upon purchasing the ring, I went down on one knee. She was so shy and embarrassed she pulled me right back up. I kissed her and that was it!" ~ Eugene

What was the inspiration behind the shoot?
"I guess it stemmed from the phrase "taking the plunge" and taking it to the most literal sense. I always fancied the idea of doing an underwater shoot and so I shared it with a couple of friends (mainly photographer Julian Oh and scuba diver Maurice Noone) who were both very supportive and keen on the idea.

It was something new and exciting for all of us and Roana and I wouldn't have been able to do this if it wasn't for Julian and Maurice. Also thanks to Carolyn, Julian's wife, for the impromptu/candid behind-the-scenes shots as well." ~ Eugene

Would you like to share any interesting moments or stories from the day of shooting?
"After the whole shoot ended, on that same night, after the packing, cleaning up, changing of clothes and dinner and all…Roana and I got into the car. She turned and looked at me just as I started the car and she told me that one of her dreams had already came true.

I asked her what she meant and she explained that she had always dreamed of doing an underwater shoot (despite having done shoots over a long career as a model) and she had finally done it.

We kissed and we drove home like the happiest couple on earth (with aches and cramps from the whole day of being in the pool)!" ~ Eugene


Thank you very much for sharing you story and wonderful images with us Eugene and Roana!




Vendor Information
Photography: Redd Bullets
Hair and Makeup: Kenny Yee, Makeup Miracle