Jay and Amy's Destination Wedding at Tirtha Luhur, Bali


A pristine blue sky and the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean served as the backdrop for Jay and Amy’s Bali nuptials which were beautifully captured by Alwin Lim of Lightedpixels Photography. We can’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the sun-drenched images of this couple’s marvelous Greece-inspired wedding; the pink accents and the fireworks were icing on the cake!







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How did you meet? 
“Jay and I first met in 2004 while playing beach volleyball at Sentosa with friends. Jay was here for holiday (he is Dutch-Singaporean and was born and raised in Holland) so his army friend – who also happens to be my university friend – asked him to join us. We were both attracted to each other but were really shy at first. Jay asked for my email address and all these years we kept in contact as “friends” via email. We didn’t think to start anything because Holland and Singapore are so far apart.

While I was in London in 2011, Jay mustered up the courage to ask me to explore the Greek islands with him, and it all started there. And five months later, Jay proposed. It happened so fast that it shocked my friends and family!” ~ Amy

What did you think of each other when you first met?
Amy: “I thought he was the perfect prince charming that I never thought could exist in this world! I fell head over heels for him and every single Jay Chou love song reminded me of him from that day onward. (For the record, I don’t listen to Chinese songs; I only started listening to Jay Chou because of him.)

He really is the most good-looking guy alive, with the hottest bod to boot. Yet he is also the most humble, kindest and most faithful man I have ever known. Such a combination is a rarity, and the way he treats me never fails to make my heart melt every single time.”

Jay: “There I was at the beach, and the person immediately caught my attention was this very pretty girl - Amy. She was such a friendly girl, but she was kind of shy and quiet too. She was definitely someone I wanted to know better. So after beach volley, I waited for her to finish showering so that I could take the shuttle bus with her and get some alone time. I could have taken an earlier bus, but at that point in time, all I wanted was to wait...wait…and wait.

Even though the first thing that attracted me to Amy was her stunning looks, I also discovered that she has something inside her that makes her glow the way she does. She’s got a sweet, kind and fun-loving personality that just shines through in everything she does.”

How did he propose?
“Jay flew to Singapore without me knowing about it. I was having a drink at Swissotel Citispace Bar with my sister when I suddenly heard the pianist play the song “Kiss the Rain,” a song which always reminded me of Jay. When I looked over at the pianist, I realized it was him!" ~ Amy

What was the celebration like?
“We chose the wedding theme: Breeze from the Aegean Sea. We fell in love on the Greek Islands (Santorini & Naxos) where everything is blue and white, so we wanted our wedding to reminisce the place where our love truly blossomed.

After the wedding, I will be living in Holland, so I decided to have an intimate affair filled only with the people we love the most in order to spend quality time with them. For the perfect reunion between two people and their loved ones, there is surely no better place to have it than on a cliff-top overlooking the Indian Ocean.

The day turned out to be exactly like how I had imagined it for the past year. It was so romantic, enchanting and fairy-tale like. I felt like I was in a perfect little bubble. If I could, I would love to re-live that day once more!”  ~ Amy

How did you feel walking down that aisle?
“Walking down the aisle, I felt nervous, happy, and excited – a combination of emotions. I couldn’t wait to hold his hand at the altar.” ~ Amy

If you had to choose, what would you consider to be the most memorable part of your big day?
“It has to be the fireworks. Everyone was utterly entranced watching the fireworks that Jay and I were able to be in a bubble of just me and him, basking in all the well wishes of the loved ones that surrounded us. We were holding hands, kissing, gazing at and dancing to the fireworks and music like no one was looking at us. Those ten minutes were really magical to me. It felt like time stood still for that moment.” ~ Amy

Any post-wedding blues?
“One morning I woke up and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh how nice, the wedding is going to be in a few days.’ I then looked over to Jay, sleeping soundly next to me. I saw the ring on my finger and realized that we have been married for 3 days now! I did feel a little sad it was all over. I must say that I really enjoyed every bit of the preparation for my wedding. I took a year off from work to plan our wedding and it gave me the space and time I needed to enjoy the whole process. And I enjoyed every moment.” ~ Amy

If you could do it all over again, is there anything that you would have done differently?
“I would walk down the aisle more slowly, and cherish every moment and truly feel that each second is sacred. It’s the moment I was giving my life to this man.” ~ Amy

Any tips for brides and grooms-to-be?
“Have a wedding planner’s team do 80 - 90% of the work on that day, so your bridesmaids can enjoy the day with you. Having very little to do, they can spend quality time with you in the bridal suite while everything else is being taken care of outside. My bridesmaids told me it’s the first wedding they’ve been to where they didn’t need to do many ‘duties’.” ~ Amy


Congratulations on your marriage Jay and Amy! May it be every bit as beautiful as your wedding!




Vendor Information
Photography: Alwin Lim, Lightedpixels Photography
Wedding Venue: Tirtha Luhur, Bali
Wedding Dress: Tan Yoong
Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bride's Hairpiece: Gioielli
Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss
Hair & Makeup: Ely Augustina
Engagement Ring: Joaillerie du Centre
Wedding Bands: Saxifrage
Wedding Planning: Tirtha Weddings
Videography: Bali Metro Digiart