#mingsubingsu: Ming and Suyen’s Korean Engagement Shoot

One of the Ming brothers behind popular Malaysian YouTube channel The Ming Thing is tying the knot, and we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing you the full set of his pre-wedding snaps from Studio Wonkyu in Gangnam, Seoul. Ming Han and Suyen’s photo shoot takes a page right out of a K-Drama, and we think you’ll agree that they are naturals in front of the camera! Be sure to read on for a behind-the-scenes look at this adorable pair, and to find out how he proposed.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look from the day of the shoot:

How did you meet?
“The first day Suyen and I met, she said one word to me and literally left. She was a photographer at a band competition I was taking part in, so the only thing I heard from her was the word ‘Picture?’ before she ran to take a picture of the next thing! It wasn't until about three years later when we were done with our studies that we reconnected again properly and got to know each other.” ~ Ming

How did you propose?
“For the proposal, I took her out for a seemingly normal Christmas day lunch. The occasion made it really easy to disguise the proposal. (laughs) After lunch, we went back to her place to ‘rest and wait’ until we had to go out again. While we were there, I took out the ‘presents’ I got her for Christmas. We write letters to each other on special occasions, so I read her the letter I wrote for her – which I'm PRETTY sure heavily hinted that I was about to propose. I guess she thought it was just another letter, because even though I was kneeling down right next to her while I read it, she had no clue the proposal was coming!

It was only when I took out the ring box that her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. I asked her whether she'd allow me to marry her, and she said 'yes'. So it was there at her bedside that we got engaged!

We've always been very private people when it comes to personal matters. I reveal a lot about myself online on a regular basis, so I try to keep matters like these close to the heart, and she's been nothing but supportive and trusting of me. Because of this, I told her that on the day I finally propose to her, I'll make sure the whole world knows of the lady who makes me a better man – and that I did!” ~ Ming

Here's a peek at their proposal...

Tell us about your engagement shoot.
“Our pre-wedding photo shoot was a lovely experience for us. It was intimate and beautiful, and everyone on-set helped us focus only on each other. The director made getting into the right poses so easy – you wouldn’t think that it was our first shoot together! I often get photographed for work, but Suyen turned out to be such a natural in front of the camera. It’s during times like these that I can't believe I have someone like her in my life, and I’m eternally grateful.” ~ Ming


Thank you for sharing these pictures with us, Ming and Suyen, and our warmest congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!



Vendor Information
Photography: Studio Wonkyu
Outfits: Rosa Sposa (one of Studio Wonkyu's vendors)