Nicolas and Uma’s Petaling Street Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Nicolas and Uma met at a bar in Medan Indonesia, and opted for an engagement session where they could be completely themselves wandering around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, like two lovebirds. Although candid, these photos shot by Weddings by Qay, reflect the real chemistry between this love-struck pair.

How did you meet and what was the proposal like?
“We first met at a bar about 6 years ago in Medan Indonesia where Uma was studying and I was working. Uma was with a big group of friends and she looked like the queen of the night, I was struck by her smile and how she was glowing with her beauty and class. My friends convinced me to go for it otherwise I’d regret it. I decided to go and talk to her and invite her for a drink. As the night went on, we returned to mingling with our own groups of friends and I left without giving her my phone number. Luckily enough it turned out that we had friends in common and we were able to reconnect a few weeks later. We went out on a few dates before being officially together and the rest is history.

After 3 years together, we had both met our families and friends back in Malaysia and France and decided it was time to get more serious. I proposed to her on the beach in France with a beautiful sunset. The whole thing went incredibly badly - Uma already knew I was going to propose and the moment we parked near the beach she understood what was going on. She started laughing and blew the whole thing! Luckily enough, she still agreed to marry me!” ~ Nicolas

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?
“We wanted to have a post-wedding photography session as we realised we didn’t have many pictures of the both of us during the reception and party we had held for our wedding. Sheba, the manager of Zebra Square, where we had our wedding reception, introduced us to Qay and told us we should give it a try with him! We first met Qay and his wife in KL for a coffee and discussed our project. We wanted something very chill and laid back because that’s how both of us are. We shared our idea with Qay and he came up with this concept and we agreed right away! We felt very comfortable with them as they are so sweet and relaxed. Their experience with wedding shoots and also his international exposure convinced us even more that they were the ones we had to work with. Qay and his wife were so easy to work with and it was a really fun session.” ~ Nicolas and Uma

Do you have any interesting stories to share from the day of shooting?
“We realised how much the wedding planning had taken a toll on us and we hadn’t been able to really get to express our feelings to each other. Qay and his wife really made it feel like Nic and I were in a bubble. Wandering around the streets just the two of us really made us feel like two love birds. It was funny to walk around KL’s back alleys wearing our wedding outfits; everybody was looking at us wondering what was going on. Qay was really good at making himself invisible and most of the pictures taken were impromptu, and he managed to capture the chemistry and sweet love as well as the teasing and laugher that exist between us, these were the best parts.” ~ Nicolas and Uma

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning local pre-wedding shoots?
“1. Do extensive research about the different photographers, there are so many out there but only a few will really match what you want as a couple. Go and look on wedding planning sites, Facebook, Instagram, a lot of Instagram!

2. Know what kind of spirit you want to give to the shoot, make sure both of you understand the other and take into account the other’s wishes. Explain as well as you can all your desires to the photographer, he cannot guess what you want, be thorough and ask for his input, he is the professional and will be able to best guide you.

3. During the day of the shoot, be relaxed and enjoy yourself. This should be a time for couples to have fun with each other and express their love so it can be caught in pictures.” ~ Nicolas and Uma


Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us, Nicolas and Uma!



Vendor Information:
Venues: In and around Petaling Street, Central Market, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, and Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Photography: Weddings by Qay
Bride’s Dress: Altelia Amani
Bride’s Shoes: Altelia Amani
Groom’s Suit: Lord’s Tailor
Groom’s Shoes: Bakers